Yinka's story

by Ann

Ann and Yinka's 7th Anniversary

Ann and Yinka's 7th Anniversary

Yinka is a German shepherd cross who came from the RSPCA when she was 10 weeks old. She wriggled non-stop, didn't want to be held, didn't want cuddles and was hyper-active, especially first thing in the morning when she could show her 'Houdini' ability at having escaped her night-time enclosure, again and again.

She wouldn't walk on a collar and I couldn't let her go as she wouldn't come back except if I walked her with other dogs who were obedient.

Fast forward to about 5 months when a very kind lady in the park told me she wasn't running properly; she had a weird gait. When I asked her what I should do she gave me the name of a man who had helped her dogs by manipulation. So off we went.

Yinka wriggled so much that he couldn't explain what was wrong, so he went ahead and did his thing and she was still for 10-15 seconds, for the first time that I had ever seen! He then told me that she wriggled because it hurt to touch her; her neck, shoulders, and hips were 'out'. Going to see this wonderful man has been a fixture in our lives for the past seven years.

After being hauled around by her on our walks using a lead on her collar, I bought a halter (I'd had good success with my previous dog). It didn't slow her down at all; she still pulled from a metre in front of me. She also hated the halter. It was too narrow for her muzzle, so I bought a broader one so she could open her mouth more.

One day on our walk we met some neighbours who were great friends of hers and as I was talking to one of them she launched herself at the other and, in the process, put her neck 'out' from the force of her leap against my dead weight. Again she didn't show that anything was wrong but became a bit grumpy and it wasn't until we saw our man that I found out why.

For me, that was the end of halters! So next step was a harness which, I had avoided because I thought she would just drag me around, I would hate walking her, and so we wouldn't walk. What a surprise I had - she walked better with a harness than with the halter. She walked just a little bit ahead of me so it was an improvement. After a while it seemed that she just didn't know when she was walking too fast and it came as a surprise to her when I pulled her back.

Fortunately for us, I came across the 'Walk-Me Slip Harness' at this point. We've only had it for a week but she now walks beside me with just her head in front, and slows at the slightest tug. Going for a walk with Yinka is now what I always wanted - it's fun and we both enjoy it.

Despite the challenges, there has not been a moment since our major confrontation after the first six weeks, that I have regretted choosing the puppy whose tail wagged the body and who stood against the wire to say hello to me. She now likes cuddles and wouldn't dream of escaping!



Thank you Ann and Yinka for sharing your story, I know it will help other dog owners.

We're so happy that the Walk-Me Slip Harness has helped Yinka and that she is no longer in pain.


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