We Love Shih-Tzu's

by Neena from Mac-Software-Tutorials.com

Our little pup is a Shih-Tzu and she provides us with endless entertainment.

She is curious and spunky. She thinks she is a kid, and if someone were to tell her that she is a dog - she would surely sink into denial.

We were told that this breed is far from the smartest breed. And when she doesn't listen it seems to prove the point. But on the contrary, she is actually showing us a thing or two. Because she actually only listens when she wants to - not when we want her to. Tell me - who is training who?

What we like best about our Shih-Tzu is that she is a family dog and good with kids. She does not shed - which is good for allergies and overall housekeeping. And she is just so cuddly - almost like a stuffed animal.

We have made the right choice for our family.

Comment From
Lou-ann - Site Owner

Neena, thank you for sharing...
My sister Karen, who lives in Columbia S.C. had a Shih-Tzu - Buffy, who was the love of her life for 23 years. She passed away a couple of years ago now, but, we still feel her loving presence.

The Vet told my sister that, at 23, she was the oldest dog he'd ever treated. I think you'll have your littlie for a very long time.


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