Types of Dogs
The History Of Their Domestication

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All Types of Dogs have a spirituality about them: The Wolf has always been portrayed as a, very, mystical creature; Never more beautifully, than through the 'Native American Indian' Legends.

The Wolf and the Indian once lived in harmony ... They hunted together and their spirits touched. written by: Debra McCann


Have you ever stopped to think of how, and where our, 'best friends' would have originated? Whether it's the small dogs or large dogs or those rare dog breeds, where did 'All Types of Dogs' come from? Sure you can say, they were bred for specific purposes! But how and from what? After years of debate, most, Biologists have agreed that, all types of dogs, are direct descendants of the 'The Grey Wolf' (Canis Lupus)

There has been no documented evidence of, actually, how and why, man would have tamed the wolves, but canine remains have been found, along side, human remains dating back between ten to fifteen thousand years, which at least, gave a point in time from which to trace, the Dogs History and Evolution. Early Man needed to hunt for survival and there would be no doubt that both the Wolf and Man which, both, hunted in packs, crossed paths. A common school of thought, is that a hunting party would have, probably, found an orphaned cub and taken it with them. Having the foresight to benefit from the inherent, superior hunting skills of the wolf, would have been an, enormous, advantage for man.


Only by keeping the animals that were trainable and not, excessively, aggressive to humans, could they, then, commence a breeding process. The specific needs of the, particular, hunter and the environment, would dictate what attributes would be necessary in the animal, such as; size, colouring, the ability to travel over different surfaces, such as; water, open plains, or rock, the length and thickness of their coat, and it's specific, individual, senses, such as; sight, smell and hearing! Given time, the number of humans would have increased and the natural progression of trading would have establish. It is, highly, likely that puppies, of the 'Types of Dogs' were involved, in some way, either traded or swapped.

From here we can see there is a picture of how the different Types of Dogs evolved into the varied breeds, of Small Dogs, Large Dogs and the Rare Dog Breeds that exist today: And they, all, fall into certain categories



Sight Hounds, are types of dogs that have extraordinary vision and use it to focus on their prey from long distances, they are also referred to as 'Gazehounds'. They are basically, 'built for speed'; with a long jaw and the ability to use their long neck to target their game. They have a lean and muscular body, with a deep chest. Their long and powerful legs are a necessity for speed.


Scent Hounds, are types of dogs that do not require the speed of the Sight Hound, because they have an acute sense of smell, such as "The Beagle" and "The Basset Hound". They are able to follow their prey without having to see them, even through water. They are 'built for endurance' using their large noses, which are open and deep, to follow the trail, to their prey. Their long ears enable the scent to concentrate onto their nose. They have loose, moist lips, which are designed to pick up scent particles.

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Working Dogs, are a varied group and were developed for many vocations, such as: Droving, herding, hunting, rescuing guarding, pulling and hauling. The Australian Cattle Dog is one example of this group. These dogs need to be strong and powerful, they also need to have a certain degree of independence to carry out their specific tasks.


Terriers are, usually, small dogs, and were developed to hunt and kill vermin, such as rats and mice. They are a very energetic, brave, tenacious and determined breed of dog.

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Toy Dog Breeds, were usually deemed a status symbol and had no particular purpose. The luxury of owning one as a companion was, exclusively, for the wealthy. "The Shih Tzu," also known as the 'Lion Dog' was owned and revered by Chinese royalty for many years.


Show Dogs, came about through human, pride and passion, for their dogs and the need to compare them to others. The organised Dog Shows were first seen around the mid 19th Century. Today, every breed imaginable is apart of a registered Kennel Club.

If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other.... If you do not talk to them you will not know them, and what you do not know you will fear..... What one fears one destroys.

Chief Dan George, from 'Sacred Animals'


Magnificent and Powerful
The Forefather of Your Dog!

You may view your 'best friend' a little differently now that; you've read an interesting, but quite well documented, theory about it's evolution through history. All types of dogs, regardless of size; Small Dogs, Large Dogs and any of the, Rare Dog Breeds, have a link back, to the mystical 'Grey Wolf', amazing Hey!!!

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