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Kate and Bella

Kate and Bella

Lou-ann Billy and Jiffy

Lou-ann Billy and Jiffy

Exercise For Dogs is a vital part of Training A Dog. Using a Dog Walking Harness or simple Dog Harness and Leash makes the job so much easier if, it's the right one.

We Feel it's important when visiting a site on the worldwide web that you know who you're dealing with. Real people want to communicate with 'real' people.

Hello and Welcome to Our names are Kate Burgess and Lou-ann Atkinson.

We haven't always had the little dogs you see with us in our pictures! For most of our lives we have owned larger breeds of dogs however, what we have now learned is that; it doesn't matter what size dog you have, they can all be hurt and even permanently damaged by using the neck and head area to restrain and or control them, when walking on a collar and leash or muzzle harness.

We're best friends and business partners. Our business relationship started many years ago when Kate's husband Steven set about inventing a dog walking harness for their special needs boy Dynamic Dave, a very big and strong Australian Cattle Dog (also known as; the Blue Heeler Dog Breed).

steve and dynamic daveSteven and Kate were faced with having to teach an Australian Blue Cattle Dog how to walk on a leash in suburban Sydney, Australia.

Dynamic Dave, also known at times as Manic Dave, for reasons that will be clear when you read his life Story.

Dave would rather have choked himself to death than walk calmly and politely on a leash.

Training A Dog such as a Blue Heeler Dog Breed, to walk on a dog harness and leash proved to be a bigger task than expected.

Through trial and error over the years, Steven designed the Walk-Me Slip Harness. Today, we present what we believe to be the most effective and kindest dog walking harness available.

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Our Mission Is To Help Dogs by
"Training & Restraining Without Pain"

It is our 10 year journey with Dynamic Dave and the invaluable lessons we learned along the way from hundreds of other dogs and their owners, re training a dog to walk on a leash, that we hope to share with you on our website.

Everything we present here is personally 'proven' and 'trialled' on many, many dogs over many, many years. It is our desire to make yours and your dog's life easier and happier by being more informed about the options you have for a dog walking harness.

There are literally dozens of different dog walking harnesses on the market. They range from just plain cruel to kind but useless. Believe us when we make this rather blunt statement but, we've tried them all!

Our aim is not to 'sell' you a dog walking harness but, to equip you with the knowledge we have learned so you can make the choice most applicable to your own needs.

One thing however that we must all carefully consider when making the choice of which piece of dog walking equipment to use is; We must stop using the neck and head area to try and control our dogs. It is damaging to the dog and is not effective in providing any real sense of control and certainly does not allow for any proper form of training message to be delivered.

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our herd xmas08

As well as sharing a passion for 'kindness' to all animals, we also share the love of horses, riding, dressage and natural horsemanship.

We'd like to introduce you to our beloved horses.....

Seen here in Steve & Kate's front paddock.

From Left to Right...AJ, Honey, KC & Arrow.

kate and lou-ann 2008
We love getting our exercise by riding out, we also know how important exercise for dogs is.

A dog who receives adequate exercise is a contented dog...

That means a peaceful life for you!

Left - Kate riding her 14 year old grey Arab gelding "AJ" and Lou-ann riding her 19 year old chestnut Arab mare "Camice".

Thank You For Visiting With Us

We look forward to being of service to you and your best doggie mate. Training A Dog is easy, if, you have the right dog walking harness and the right "Pack Leader" approach, which is; a calm / assertive energy.

Your feedback and opinions are very valuable to us and to other visitors to our site. Please feel free to Contact Us and let us know what you think of your experience on our site or even to just say hello.

We assure you of our commitment to ethical business practices and to also, never, ever, put any financial considerations above the best interests of an animal.

We are also personally committed to "Treating Others As We Like To Be Treated Ourselves".

Lou-ann and Kate

"Training A Dog With The Right Dog Harness and Leash" Is Easy.

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Dogs Need A Voice

We have just commenced using Ezine Articles as a way of giving our best mates a voice.

JOIN US, if you have an interest in writing and feel you could help our loyal friends then, we can highly recommend Ezine Articles to you.

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Shared Inspiration

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

Sir Winston Churchill, 1874 - 1965

We love sharing information when we know it will benefit our Visitors. The below link to is one such Partner who we can highly recommend, they have been of great help to us.

You'll find some really interesting sites in their 'Pet" section for training a dog.

We hope you find their site as helpful and inspiring as we have.

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Lismore N.S.W. Australia
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