This is Lottie's
Walk-Me Slip Harness

by Joanna Dengate
(Nth Richmond NSW)

Sorry I don't have a photo ready today but will try to be organised for next time.

I purchased the Walk-me Slip Harness whilst on holidays in Lismore, N.S.W., late last year. My left shoulder was frozen, mainly due to Lottie dragging me each day on our morning walks, but ultimately due to being pulled nearly off my feet because she spotted a cat scuttling down a drain at the curb.

I was desparate - I love my Lottie, a pound puppy with lots of head problems from being neglected,abused,then deserted and left to fend for herself on the streets.

My red cattle dog/Staffy X has been part of my family for 3 years now and no matter how much love, training, scolding, etc I did, her head would take over and her over-reactions would leave me much the worse for wear.

The first morning I tried the new Walk-Me Slip Harness Lottie fidgetted whilst I put it on then tried to run out of it backwards. It was hilarious, but Lottie was so hurt by my laughing at her and this strange new restriction that she sulked and refused to move.

My very intelligent Lottie soon learned to walk beside me and that if she did suddenly go back to street dog mentality I was able to lift her front legs from under her,totally disabling her momentarily until she recovered and became "MY" dog again.

Now, just a few months later I have a new dog.

Not that the harness has broken her spirit but, the harness has actually inhanced it. Lottie now rushs out the garage door each morning and sits patiently on the drive while I put her slip harness on, then, with a big smile we set off together, with her at my side as we both enjoy every minute together, both of us knowing I'm the Alpha and she's my second in our pack - no words needed.

Thank You Walk-Me and Cheers,
Joanna and Lottie

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Walk-Me Slip Harness

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Jan 25, 2010
Thank You Joanna and Lottie
by: Lou-ann

What a great story Joanna, it reinforces what we already know but, it makes all the hard work worthwhile when we hear about the personal experiences of our customers.

A big 'thank you' to you both, by sharing your journey with Lottie you are helping other dog owners to find the same simple, kind and humane solution you have, to the most common dog walking problem - leash pulling.

Well done to both of you,
Lou-ann and Kate

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