They are reminiscent of medieval torture devices!

by Meg
(QLD, Australia)

To those who would use a shock collar without hesitation: Would you wear one? Would you put one on your child? I'll bet you answered, 'no way'!

Then why is it o.k to submit your innocent and loving furry friend, who depends totally on you to care for him, to such a torture? It's not!

If your dog is barking then perhaps you should listen to him and try to work out why rather than just attempting to silence his voice with a horrendous shock collar. Maybe he's trying to tell you he needs your company or wants some exercise?

If you don't have the time for these things, then you shouldn't have a dog. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort (and money too sometimes) to train your little mate and keep him happy, but would rather revert to shocking him into being scared of making a sound or expressing his personality, then you should surrender your pet to the nearest RSPCA right now!!!

Only a complete sadist could condone the use of such a device, and such a monster should never be allowed to own a pet.

Good on you Meg... you have said it all so very well! We couldn't agree more with your comments... thank you for caring enough to take the time and publish your thoughts on this cruel device.

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