The bestest dog harness ever!
All dog owners should have one
6 stars ******

by Agnes
(Ingham, North Queensland, Australia)

It was very lucky I found this harness by googling other harnesses and how users reviewed them. No other harness has 100 % success (and a money back guarantee to boot !) so I had to try this.

And I am super impressed.

It is everything promised and is a great training device.

I have a large and a new small 9 month old puppy. He is a very active, greatly loved mini fox terrier. Other fixed harnesses, a choke chain, and a martingale 1/2 check chain were not able to calm him and I was afraid he was strangling himself on the leash.

My Walk-Me Slip Harness arrived - I excitedly put it on - and Banjo was another dog - calmly walks without pulling - I can't figure out what the magic is - but it is MAGIC. My neighbour cannot believe it - she has borrowed mine to try and she will definitely buy one for her young dog to acheive the Magic transformation she has seen with my pup.

BUY THIS HARNESS , IT WORKS - you will not regret it
I am going to tell everyone who wants to enjoy walking their dog, without any pulling, about it.

A very very happy customer and the personal service from Lou-ann is second to none when I experienced minor problems through my own stupidity.



Thank you Agnes for taking the time to share your Walk-Me Slip Harness experience, it really does help other dog owners to know that their is a simple solution to their leash walking problems... yours and Banjo's story shows how little dogs can cause as much grief on leash as the big dogs can.



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