The Beagle dates back to 14th Century Britain and is most commonly known for hunting hare and rabbit. But, it is said that the Pure Bred Beagle can be traced back, approximately, 2000 years to Ancient Greece and is the oldest breed in the Hound Group of canines.


The breed is a medium sized stocky type of dog, measuring between 33 cm to 41 cm. They are commonly tri-colour being black, tan and white. But popularity is growing for both the tan and white and lemon and white combinations.

They have beautiful dark brown eyes, which will constantly try to convince you that they, desperately, need feeding. The Beagle's ears are long and droopy which is indicative of the 'hound group' and require regular checking. The pure-bred Beagle has a long tail and should, always, have a white tip on the end. It is the type of dog that is easily maintained with a short, waterproof coat.


The Pure-Bred Beagle is a brave and loyal little dog with a very even temperament which makes them a wonderful family pet and is, also, highly recommended for children. One thing that you need to be very conscious about is that, this pure-bred dog is very much a pack animal and does not like to be on it's own; Some dogs are quite happy to live their life with one person and are capable of spending many hours pottering around on their own ...... This is by no means the trait of the Beagle. They are bred to hunt in packs and company is essential to their well-being. They have a life span between 10 to 15 years and become very attached to the family unit, so ensure that you're in it for the long hall, because unlike other breeds, this one will not adjust as quickly to a new home.

They are an innately social breed of dog, so if your lifestyle dictates long periods away from home, both you and your Beagle will benefit if he/she has a friend for those times. Your life will be a much more harmonious one and your best mate will be a calm and balanced pet. When Beagles are left on their own for long periods of time they will go in search of company, by digging or climbing till they find their escape route.

Training your beagle puppy should be a mixture of assertiveness and love. If you set the ground rules from the start and give your puppy clear parameters of what is and isn't acceptable, you will live in harmony; if not, you will end up in chaos.


Like most dogs the Beagle needs regular exercise, preferably twice a day if living in a suburban environment. Ideally they are much more suited to country life, where they can run free in large secure spaces. And, always be aware that they are 'scent hounds' and once they put their nose to the ground, they will follow the scent regardless of their surroundings. It's as though they forget about their visual and sound senses, and for this reason they should, always, be walked on a harness.

The Beagle is an absolutely beautiful pet, but this pure-bred dog does have specific needs. Ask yourself if you can cope with a little extra effort with training OR will it be left alone for long periods of time, because remember, they are the oldest of the 'hound group' and it is part of their inherent nature to dig and climb, if not kept stimulated. If you are committed to having this breed in your family, you will have a truly loving friend for life.

Barney The Beagle - In His Favourite Spot!

The Beagle
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