Shadow jr

by Maria Bernardin
(stockton california USA )

Shadow Jnr<br>The Handsome & Very Intelligent Mutt

Shadow Jnr
The Handsome & Very Intelligent Mutt

Shadow Jr is a plot hound X pit bull mix . The best things about a mutt like Shadow is that they are courageous , intelligent , athletic and versatile . The worst things about my plot mix is that they aren't good with kids . They play rough and prefer adults or teens who are understanding. My mutt was easy to train, at 3 months in one day he learned how to sit and paw. My advice to people who own Plots or Pitt mixes is to pay very close attention to your dog, get to know him/her, they need a active owner who can give them the proper exercise. Mutts are unique and intelligent dogs.

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Reply From Site Owner
Thank you so much Maria for sharing Shadow Jnr with us all. I couldn't agree with your advice more. I can tell how intelligent Shadow is by looking into that gorgeous face and eyes.
I have never heard of a Plot Hound before... intrigued...
All the very best to you and Shadow

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