Potty Training Tips

Potty Training Tips...
What to expect when Housebreaking a Puppy!


How Anyone Could Be Taking A Photo While This Was Happening Is Beyond Me!

We would like to share some 'Potty Training Tips' with you!

With our combined years of personal experience Housebreaking A Puppy, we have found that; it definitely helps if you have a clear and realistic goal in your own mind of HOW to go about Training a Puppy. Puppy Education should be fun, don't make it a frustrating experience for you and / or your Pup.

Remember... Wee and Poo are essential bodily functions and they are NATURAL for every living creature, including ouselves!

and life will be much easier and happier for both you and your dog!

and you'll both suffer endless frustration, anxiety and annoyance!

Potty Training Tips 1)
Training a puppy takes time and effort on your part - please be patient with your Puppy. You are the Alpha of their pack and whether it is positive or negative input, it will be ingrained for the rest of their lives. Your puppy is learning, so, initially, give her a small area to start in, if possible, try not to give your puppy the run of the house.

As their toilet habits become more consistent, you can give them more house space. Starting close to the back door, leading outside, is always a good area to start .... lay newspaper down and if you can't take them outside, encourage your puppy to go on the paper.

It is totally up to you, to make every training experience a positive one, Housebreaking A Puppy, when done with love and patience will, always bring good results.


Potty Training Tips 2)
Be aware of the times that your puppy will need to relieve itself. Generally, they will want to go when they first wake up, after play time because, they will usually take a big drink of water, which will need to come out pretty quickly, after eating and before they settle down for bed in the evening.

Potty Training Tips 3)
Consistency and Routine will result in a happy pup - start as you intend to finish, when House Training Puppy. It is important that you spend time with your puppy and watch his/her movements; As soon as you see them sniffing or circling pick them up calmly and take them outside or to the paper. If you get a result and your pup relieves itself, give them your encouragement with praise, pats and kisses.

At this crucial time, ROUTINE in your own life is essential to achieving successful results with your pup!  If you have an unstructured and scattered lifestyle, you'll find it more difficult to get your pup to understand what's expected of him/her.  It's imperative, at least until training is complete, to be quite disciplined yourself!  Your pup has no 'voice', he will though, tell you through body language what he's needing and it's up to you to be 'AWARE', because if you're not, NATURE will take over and he/she will have accidents: They can't help it!  SO, don't blame them, blame yourself :-)

It's always a good idea to give yourself quality time with your new Puppy, for example, if you work full time, try to coincide your holidays with the 'Housebreaking a Puppy' time. If you welcome your pup home on a Saturday and then, have to go off to work on Monday, you will only set yourself up for disappointment, give both you and your new pup the best start you possibly can.

Potty Training Tips 4)
Stay 'calm and patient', is one of the best 'Puppy Training Tips' that we can give you - your puppy will learn quickly when you display your love and encouragement. Remember that; they are babies and they have small bladders and not very good muscle control at this age, it's because of this that they need your help. Try to take them outside every hour or so and when they relieve themselves, make a big fuss with praise and, maybe, their favourite treat; they will soon get the message that this is a good place for their toileting. They love to please you!

Potty Training Tips 5)
Accidents Happen - So, please, don't fret, 'Puppy Education' should be fun! Little accidents can always be cleaned up, the main thing is not to make your puppy anxious about it's toileting. If you see your puppy has already started to wee on the floor, CALMLY, pick it up and take it straight to the paper or outside ... under no circumstances scold them .... this will only confuse them and can very quickly turn into anxiety.

None of us escape the odd accident when Housebreaking a Puppy!

Potty Training Tips 6)
Clean up immediately and thoroughly, after the Accident - This is one of the most important 'Potty Training Tips' to be taken on board. Your Puppy is born with a very powerful sense of smell and if you don't clean up immediately and thoroughly, they will be drawn back to that, particular, spot for their toileting. Sorry, there is no way around it; this one is completely up to you, it will, most definitely, not be your puppy's fault if they are able to go back to their own scent, or any other animal's scent in the house, for that matter.

You can use their strong sense of smell to your advantage by; leaving some small amount of their urine scent where it is you want them to regularly go to the toilet. This could be a small piece of an old soiled sheet of the newspaper, if their toilet spot is inside. However, they don't like toileting over dirty, soiled paper though, so, make sure you clean up after each toileting and put fresh paper down otherwise, they'll start looking for other spots to go.

Potty Training Tips 7)
Puppies are innately, excitable; Everything is new to them and it is not uncommon for your pup to relieve itself, without even being aware of it. If this happens, simply pick her up and take her outside or onto the paper, try not to yell and jump at your pup, this will only confuse and frighten them. If the pup is still excitable, after you have taken them outside or to the paper, try to ignore her, until she calms down - you don't want to innocently reinforce this excitable behaviour because, it can quickly become a habit if you're not careful. When she is calm you can then, give her a pat, not praise.

Timing is very important when training a puppy, or, an adult dog that has not been properly house trained. Only when your pup/dog has actually relieved itself in the appropriate area, should praise be given - don't interrupt them halfway through their motion, wait until they finish, then give the praise. By the way, the above also applies for any excitable Dog or Puppy wanting to jump all over you - ignore them until they settle down, then acknowledge them, do not praise them.


Hopefully we have given you some 'Potty Training Tips' that are useful for you when entering into Housebreaking a Puppy.

We believe that Training a Puppy the correct way from the start, allows all other 'Puppy Education' to flow easily. Done consistently and patiently, with love, it establishes a feeling in your new puppy of TRUST, he comes to know you as someone who is kind and loving while still being a clear and consistent Pack Leader, one who is worth following! This is your first test as a quality Pack Leader, so don't under estimate this opportunity to build the foundation of your new relationship with your dog. See it as a 'great' opportunity to demonstrate to your new puppy what you're like as his friend. Don't see it just as a nuissance!

You probably will feel House Training Puppy is time consuming at first, but when you begin to experience the results, there will be no doubt that your love, time and positive encouragement is, most certainly, worth it and you will have a happy and well adjusted Best Friend for many years to come.

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