OMG These Harnesses Are GREAT!

by Kim
(Brisbane QLD Australia)

Lap Dog

Lap Dog

I have an 8yo blue heeler Kelpie cross, who is a fantastic dog, the only thing I have been unable to do with him, is get him to heel when walking and to stop pulling on his lead.

Within 500m the first time we used the Walk-Me Slip Harness, he was walking perfectly, by my side without pulling and now is truly an AWESOME well behaved dog, ALL the time.

I will be promoting this product as the BEST dog harness for ANYONE who has a dog, thank god for the internet and research!!!

Kim And Kane...

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Lou-ann Atkinson
Site Owner

Thank You Kim for your feedback, it is truely appreciated. We spent years inventing and developing the Walk-Me Slip Harness. We know it works and is, not only the most effective dog walking product on the market but, is also the kindest.

As you have discovered for yourself and Kane there is an answer to a dog pulling on a leash, an answer that doesn't involve pain or causing damage to your dog.

Our Buyers are constantly telling us that, $24.95 was the best training investment they've ever made.

We offer a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to make it possible for all dog owners to try out our unique product, with confidence.

Thank You Kim and Kane for the opportunity to help you have happy walks and thank you for helping us to spread the word.

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Jan 16, 2011
Couldn't Agree More
by: Anonymous

I tried one the other day, my friend insisted and wow! instantly, there was a difference, for the first time Judd stopped and looked up at me, I couldn't believe it.

I'm buying one this week and then, maybe we can start going for walks again, I know I need it :-)

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