My life With Cassie
She Is A Cross Breed

by Gemma Green
(Norwich Norfolk, England)

Cassie Loves Saying Hello But... She Needs Leash Training

Cassie Loves Saying Hello But... She Needs Leash Training

Cassie is a one year old cross bread, we rescued her from hillside animal sanctuary in september last year, she is a very excitable dog, and wants to say hello to everyone.

i am having problems with her walking, if she is on a normal collar and lead she will pull into the collar, we then tried a harness but she pulls into that too, i can only walk her on a halti that goes over her nose, and attaches to her collar, but she is still pulling, not as much but it doesnt seem to be working, please can anyone help?


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Lou-ann Atkinson
Site Owner

Thanks Gemma for visiting with us and sharing your lovely Cassie's story and her leash walking problem.

The leash problem you're experiencing is the most common dog problem, shared, at one point or another, by almost all pet dog owners. Particularly by owners of the larger, stronger breeds. Cassie looks to me, from your lovely photo, to be a very fit and strong girl.

Using a dog's neck and head area for control and training is not only ineffective but, is also potentially very dangerous for the dog.

Your experience with a standard 'fixed' position harness is the exact reason why we spent years inventing and developing the Walk-Me 'Slip' Harness.

The Walk-Me Slip Harness gives you instant, pain free control, while, at the same time conveying a consistent 'give & take' message to your dog. This allows your dog to learn easily and quickly without any risk of damage being caused.

Being a harness, the Walk-Me Slip Harness spreads the 'give & take' feel over a larger area of the dog's body... they respond instantly! It works on the same principle as the horrible and dangerous choke collar, however, it doesn't interfere with vital structures, such as the airway and spine.

The price of the Walk-Me Slip Harness is $24.95aud. For this reasonable investment you will be putting yourself back in control and training your dog effectively... it's problably the most cost effective dog training you'll ever invest in.

I hope Gemma the above is helpful to you and Cassie. If you would like some more tips and ideas please don't hesitate to contact me.


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She Is A Cross Breed

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Jan 16, 2011
I Have The Same Problem
by: Anonymous

Thanks Gemma, I have exactly the same problem, couldn't believe it as I read your story.

Good luck to you and Cassie.

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