My Friend is Gone

by Ray
(Denham Springs, La)

My Faithful Friend

My Faithful Friend

Hi there fellow ACD lovers,

A sad note for me this week my snuggling (on the couch in the bed),faithful, loyal, loving, and smart companion was taken suddenly by some non observant driver. Yes my girl should have been on a leash although, she has never before crossed the road she was sniffing to close and someone swerved and took her from me. She was 2 mths short of 4yrs.and one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever encountered and owned. Jade learned from an early age to wait for her meals until we went thru a routine. As the time has progressed the tricks have soared. Jade could and most willing shake, wave, give you 5, sit up pretty, standup on her hind legs. do high 5's & 10's, give you some skins and most important raise up on her hind legs with both paws streached up high when asked to praise the lord and bark at the same time.
I am a student and at times would get distracted and innocently forget the ritual return to my desk only shortly to hear a muffled wooofff, grrruff, wooooff @ my side wondering if we were going to go thru the ritual. Thats obedience to the max with ultimate patience. Of course I would say Iam sorry go ahead and get you food still, she would go and sit back by her bowl and wait to do the one or more of her tricks. Man I going to really miss her my heart, soul, spirit hurt and are empty this week and the pain has been almost unbearable. Thank God it was quick and instantaneous and NO they did not stop just rolled on.
In addition, she climb the attic stairs, the extension ladder and did this without me teaching her to do so. She just always wanted to be by my side no matter where I was.
Fortunately, the same person I got her from has pups on the ground ready for picking and my friends and daughter have convinced me to go and see this Sat. So I am off on the next phase and pleasure of raising another fauithful friend or maybe I 'll get two this time so she can have company and a litter mate with her in my absence.
Thanks for reading, Ray

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Jan 16, 2011
How's Jewel Going?
by: Anonymous

I loved reading your story Ray and I felt your pain. I too have lost a beloved friend in the same way.

I hope Jewel has made your life happy again. I think Jade will guide you down under :-)

Dec 22, 2009
Introducing My New Baby Jewel
by: Ray

Oh what wonders bestow me ahead on this new and exciting journey with my new girl! She is already rotten (Spoiled that is) can not imagine how though. She is just 6 wks. mom stopped the pups nursing because of their teeth and are on pup chow now.
On suggestion of several friends we have special times during the day I am giving her a bottle with puppy milk to supplement the food and develop a truly strong and lasting bond. I can see why mom cut them off and with the way she works at herding my feet those teeth are sharp!!
As I type this blog Jewel is at my feet resting and I say this loosely because as soon as I move it is on again.
Oh the joy of puppy-breath, many trips outside, and not to forget those little sharp pearly points
she unknowingly enjoys sinking into my feet. It is through these times that God shows me the real meaning of unconditional love and trust.
This is what you may call Priceless moments of joy and an investment with unlimited return.
So as things develop I will post updates on Jewel knowing that Jade is not forgotten but ever watching from above and prbably a little jealous about another in her spot as ACD are truly perticular about who comes and goes in the territory.
By the way Thanks a bunch Lorraine it helps and many XXX & OOO,s back to ya, Ray not down under but up and over in the swamps of Louisiana.
Hopefully once I get out of nursing school this summer I can make a trip to Australia as this has been a place I've always wanted to visit.

Dec 20, 2009
'Jades spirit lives on'
by: Anonymous

Ray, my heart is with you ..... know that you're not alone with your grief .... I have lost a most precious companion of the 'Cattle Dog Breed' and I'm with you totally xxx Hang in there & give the new ones a life to remember xxx Lorraine

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