my best friend, skyler the pitt bull

by nicole durrant
(clintonville, wisconsin)

she is always around when i need a shoulder to cry on or if i need someone to walk with shes there. she is pretty old so she is a little bit slow but when she wants to she pulls me everywhere. she is got some kind of skin disorder that makes her itch like crazy and now shes getting these little red bumps on her skin.

Note From Site Editor...

Thank you Nicole for sharing your love for Skyler with us.

You highlight so well how beautiful this breed really is. Pit Bulls are so often maligned and treated badly when, in fact, it is so often the type of owner attracted to this breed that gives them such a bad reputation.

You mention Skyler has a skin problem, it sounds like it is getting worse and needs vet attention. There are many products on the market that you can obtain over the counter at any major pet store or vet clinic. Often, if you take her in to the store or clinic they'll just have a look and suggest a product for you to try. This might be a good first step to save a vet bill in the first instance.

I would strongly advise you to take action now to help her before it gets any worse. Skin conditions can become chronic if left untreated, resulting in very expensive vet bills.

We wish you and Skyler a happy life together,

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Jan 16, 2011
Is She Doing Ok?
by: Anonymous

Just read your story, I hope she is doing ok now.

You love her so much and I know what you mean.

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