Managing the enthusiasm!

by Rose
(Mount Tamborine)

I have a lovely bouncy Labrador. She wiggles from nose to the tip of her tail, and when she gets excited she can be a bit of a handful. When she sees the dog park, the children next door, or a bush turkey...... Well, it is all on. All the training tends to be temporarily forgotten.

I have to admit I was sceptical about the walk me harness, but the testimonials were pretty good so I thought it would be worth a try. I was still sceptical when I put it on her. But the first walk past the duck pond sure changed my mind! My dog can now be brought under control with just a gentle tug. She walks wonderfully, and does not resist or fret when the harness is on her . I have quickly mastered putting it on her, and she does not mind at all when it is fitted. I'm a convert!

Thank you Rose for sharing, your experience will help other dog owners and that's what we're about, helping one dog and their owner at a time.
Cheers, Lou-ann

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