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We've All Heard The Stories About
Making Extra Money Online
Can It Be Done? Was Our Question.

Kate and Lou-ann at
This Is Our "WWW" Story
We hope, in some small way, it might help or inspire you to Make Extra Money Online.

If, you haven't thought about using the World Wide Web yet, our story might give you the confidence to have a go.

Pictured - Kate on the left and myself (Lou-ann) on the Right, at Kate's Birthday in 2008.

We have been best friends for more years than we care to count. With kids grown and gone and facing the second half of our lives, we've found the building of our website business really exciting and fun.

Proud Aussies at

We're Aussies and Proud Of It...

"In our 50's we are, for the first time in our lives, earning a living doing something that we love." It wasn't though, always this way!

It still amazes and excites us that; small business people, like us, from 'down under', can sell globally.


Google Eyed at

Our "Make Money From Online Business" Story.

Our Story is such a typical Web Business one that, it's probably your story too! That's if you have ventured out onto the www yet, and if you haven't, you might find our experience of some value, especially if, you're contemplating a career change or considering various online opportunities and legitimate ways to make extra money online.

If you already have, but, your website, like our first one, is not getting any organic traffic and you're not making any money then, you will really appreciate Our Story, we share 'blood'!

The Big Guy at

We somehow knew that; it was possible to make extra money online, but, we had become confused and lost our way in the www crowd.

We needed a 'big' www guy to show us the way!

Sharing knowledge and experience is exactly what the www is all about, in fact, it is the very essence of why it came into being in the first place. It is for this reason, we decided to add this page to our website. If, it can be of some help to even one person, then, it has been worth the effort to write it down.

Hopefully, we can learn from each other, people of integrity sharing knowledge is pretty powerful! We'd love it if you would email us with your story, so we can share it also.


Well, have you ever had an 'idea' for a product, a service or anything for that matter? You want to share it, make money from it, BUT, it's all too hard, it ends up laying dormant in the back of your mind until, one day 'there it is', someone else has done it!

Maybe, you find yourself thinking more and more about changing your career, work, employment... want to follow a passion but, don't know how you could make a living from doing so. Or, in these tough times, maybe, you don't have a choice and have to find a way to make extra money online.

Maybe, you're planning for retirement but, would still benefit from additional income or even, just the pleasure of sharing your knowledge.

Maybe, you're a crazy INVENTOR like us and want to market your own products? You Can Do It! We Did! We Are! In fact, we're just about ready to start building our 2nd website business.

Maybe, you have a passion or hobby and would like to share your knowledge while, making money at the same time. You're here so, maybe your passion is for dogs or animals. It doesn't matter what it is, just so long as it is somethig you have a genuine interest in.

Maybe, you want a 'Voice' so you can share your views. Like our example, we're passionate about animal welfare and wanted desperately to give dogs (in particular) a 'voice' of their own. We felt our 'Voice' could help educate dog owners about the unnecessary practice of using pain to train. Follow Your Heart and combine your work life with your heart's desires, it's a pretty powerful force when the two meet.

There are so many ways to make money online from home. Make extra money online or go all the way and make money from online business. The options are vast and, full of pitfalls, like anything, but, follow the www rules of engagement and you'll definitely win the battle.


Well, all of the above was us - Kate, her husband Stephen and myself (Lou-ann) had invented a product to fill a need in the dog industry. We were also at an age (mid 50's) where, we were really not satisfied with our existing employment and our career opportunities were fast drying up.

Over the next few years we refined our invention, tested and trialled it on 100's and 100's of dogs. During this time, life got in the way and our dreams of bringing our great product to market were put on hold.

As circumstance would have it, we were brought back together on our project at the start of 2007. Excited and re-energised we set about researching the best ways to manufacture and market our product. To cut a long story short, it became clear that; if we wanted to make any money out of it, in an extremely big and competitive industry then, we'd have to think outside of the box

We've all heard the stories of how the poor old Inventor ends up getting lost in the commercial process and makes nothing from his/her work... Well, they're all true!

Ignorance Is Bliss! and very stupid... we did some preliminary research on the WWW and were naively excited by the huge numbers given in the stats. Of course, we thought, wow... even if we reached a minute fraction of these Web Surfers we'll make good money, we'll be successful, hah! hah!

Anyway, off we went, took lessons at a local computer company, built a 'nice' website for our product, sat back and waited... NO TRAFFIC, where were all these customers, why didn't they like us, why was no one visiting our site???

Climbing The Wall at
We Were Climbing The Walls, Looking For Answers!

A year later, we felt like complete failures, we'd spent all our budget, we needed a job each and were just hugely disappointed. What had gone so terribly wrong, what did everyone else know that we didn't? What was everyone else doing that we weren't?

Well, we've since learned (hindsight's great isn't it?) that, from over 100+ million websites, the vast majority never do get traffic, especially not 'free / organic' traffic, in any significant numbers. Slightly 'red faced' but, feeling a little bouyed by the fact that, it wasn't 'just us' and that, it wasn't our product, we determined to keep investigating WWW marketing opportunities. It had though, started to take a back seat again, due to work (income) responsibilities!

WHAT NEXT, was our dilema... we had a website, it just wasn't getting any Visitors, it looked good, we thought, so, maybe we'll find a WebMaster who can fix it for us and do whatever it is they do, to get traffic flowing to us! Yeah Right!

The quotes came in, ranging from $3-4,000 right the way up to $15,000. OK, not much of a decision here to make, we didn't have that sort of money left and we were still in the very expensive process of Patenting our product.

By the way, these quotes were for a brand new site, each WebMaster consulted, individually, stated that, it wasn't worth trying to fix up the one we had. I won't bore you with the why's, other than to say that, it was not Search Engine friendly, to say the least.

We were due to pay around $10,000 to our Patent Attorney and by now, it would be fair to say that, we were starting to get cold feet. With our savings almost gone and with our own individual personal commitments, we started to question this whole journey. Maybe, just maybe, we'd made a silly mistake thinking that; 'little fish' could make it, let alone commercially compete, in a very big pond / ocean (especially one with sharks in it!)

The old "We've Come Too Far" to give up now syndrome, started to come up in our conversations. Aren't small biz people amazing (or stupid), we just keep on keeping on, no matter what! No 'bail outs' for us, we just keep trying to find a way to follow our dreams and passions. When you think about it, it's this very trait that makes the Free Enterprise System so successful.

It's now September 2008, heading for 2 years since we re-started our business dream and we're still nowhere. We were genuinely starting to think we were just plain incapable and not up to date enough with our skills to play around on the WWW. We'd missed the boat, maybe we were just too old to seriously start up new careers, let alone establishing a whole new business around a whole new and unique product.

During our initial research phase we had run up and down many dead end roads, we'd met many 'sharks' BUT, we had also met some (a handful) of really professional and ethical business people. People we'd come to respect and were prepared to listen to, through their NewsLetters and Emails. They had mastered the www and were prospering from it.

All Ears at

We Were All Ears!

OUT OF THE BLUE, we received an invitation from one of these respected people (David Riklan of, to join him for an interview with Dr. Ken Evoy. Being rather cynical by now, we almost didn't join in... sometimes there is Divine intervention, when you least expect it. I DID LISTEN! and, the rest is history, as they say. (If, I hadn't taken action on that day and listened, you wouldn't be reading this right now!).

BINGO! It was like the fog had just cleared, in 45 minutes Dr. Evoy explained the mystery of the last two years of our lives. It was truely incredible, for the first time we realised that, we weren't stupid, we were the norm! He also spelled out a plan for success on WWW, a plan that; by now, through all our experience, research and failure, we knew to be the truth and the right way - it made sense!

The BIG BUT... we thought, how much is this going to cost, we don't have any money left in the budget, we're broke, this sounds very expensive!

ANSWER = TOTAL $299USD -no way... what's the catch? We had to find out, we couldn't just forget about it, this seemed to be what we'd been searching for.

YOU CAN SEE FOR YOURSELF... you're visiting right now, on our dream website AND, it cost a total of $299USD, for everything, we haven't spent another cent. Except of course our own labour / time - that's the deal with SBI - we provide the Brains and Motivation (BAM) and they provide the rest. SBI wants us to focus on building our businesses, NOT, on trying to be S.E.O. experts or professional webmasters.

We Are Laughing At

Well, really it's our happy beginning.

No More Guessing
We 'Know' Day To Day
Exactly How Our Site Is Ranking With
The Major Search Engines,
How Many Visitors Are Finding Us,
Where They Are Coming From,
How Many Pages They Are Viewing
In Other Words...
What's Working and What's Not.

Make Money While You Sleep at


We Sleep Peacefully Now". We Make Extra Money Online and it's really exciting!

AND, the best part...
We Did It Ourselves Through
The SBI Self Study Course

We'd love to think we could save you the 2 years of time we wasted!

It is such a buzz to check in and see the Traffic Stats building, literally, everyday.

Our 'Unique Visitors' are tripling each month and they're 'FREE', we haven't spent a cent on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. We now know how to bring the Search Engines to us and have them deliver quality free search traffic to our door.

We now have several pages Ranking at Google in the top 30, one is even ranked at No 7 and another one at No 19. For an infant website this is quite remarkable.

The most satisfying part for us, is that; our visitors are giving us fantastic feedback. This is the biggest buzz of all! We have happy Visitors who are spreading the word for us - Viral Marketing at its best. Turns out that... there's NO Magic to the www afterall!

The other totally gratifying aspect is that; after all these years, our invention, the Walk-Me Slip Harness, is popular and we're selling to an unusually high number of our Visitors. This is exciting to us because, it is a validation of what we have always known and believed in... You can train your dog without using pain and get far better results. And, better still, we have 100% customer satisfaction - how good is that?

Can you make extra money online?... you bet, we are! AND, NO, you don't need a product or even a biz idea, like we did, SBI will show you how to create your web biz and Monetise your site from scratch.

Remember though, you need the technical support and know how that, the average small biz person doesn't have. Sure, you may have bits and pieces of it but, it's having the 'total package' and selling concepts that, make the difference at the Search Engines and is the reason why 60+% of SBI sites rank in the top 3% at Google.

What Was It That Changed Our Lives Around?
From Failure To Success
In 4 Months.

Messing Up At

We're Not Messing Up Anymore, We Found...
Site Build It!

We Can Only Share Our Story and
Personally Recommend This Amazing 'Solutions' Company.

We Have Found That SBI Genuinely 'Over Delivers' Which, Is Very Refreshing On The WWW.

The Next Step Is Yours...
We Wish You All The Very Best and,
Invite You To Stay In Touch,
So, we can share in Your WWW Story too.

Site Build It!

Could There Be A Better Solution For A Mom - than to make extra money online?

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We Are A 'Global Community' At SBI

We All Work Together To Help Each Other,
Through The Best Online Forums On The Net.

The SBI Resources Are Immense
AND, All Available At Your Finger Tips
To Help You Build The Best Possible Online Web Biz.



Site Build It!


Site Build It!


Site Build It!


Site Build It!


Site Build It!


Site Build It!

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