Life with an adopted ridgeback cross.

by Robyn

Loki is a 57 kg beautiful placid boy, but extremely strong, he is fantastic with all four grandchildren, and we have often said the only thing that could hurt the children would be the wagging of his tail!

We inherited Loki some years ago, and while I had my german shepherd, he walked along side her beautifully, once she passed away Loki turned into a running machine, an over exhuberant, uncontrollable running machine.

Each and every time we took him for a walk he would pull and jump and bark at every dog that walked on by. We tried everything... we tried rewarding, we even tried the double lead, where my husband would have a lead and I would have another, but nothing worked.

We tried driving him to different destinations, and then I started walking him early morning while it was still dark, so there was no distractions and although he pulled he wasnt quite so bad, but of an evening it became a very difficult task, and very worrisome.

WE inherited another dog a couple of months ago, a 7 year old german shepherd, he walked beautifully and we realised that Loki was just getting worse in his older age (nearly 9) so we bought the Walk-Me Slip Harness... to be honest, I didnt really think it would be strong enough, but I was hopeful from reading what others had said. I could only hope, anyway it arrived on Friday... It is brilliant...absolutely brilliant, we can for the first time go for a walk without having our arms pulled out of our sockets.

I would reccomend the Walk-Me Slip Harness to anyone, the first time a couple walked past with another dog he tried to move towards them but couldnt, he just looked up at me and kept on walking, It was fantastic!

I am very grateful and thankful that I have found something that will help us enjoy our time walking with our beautiful boy.

thanks again,


Thank you Robyn for sharing your Walk-Me Slip Harness experience. We have worked hard for the past 8 years to let dog owners know there is a simple and easy way to leash train their dogs. Thank you for helping us to spread the word and help dogs everywhere.


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