Bullmastiff/Wolfhound Cross

by Alison Jones

Lexi<br> Loves Her<br> Walk-Me Slip Harness

Loves Her
Walk-Me Slip Harness

Lexi, has always been a very active, robust dog and from an early age had way too much physical strength for my 2 teenage daughters to handle. I am not sure what she weighs now but at 18 months old she would have to be 50kgs+ so because of her strength and inability to behave when walking on a lead, she has been left to a life of boredom in the back yard.

After seeing your Harness on the internet I decided as a last ditch attempt I would purchase it. I must say I did not hold out much hope that it would be successful with LEXI that’s for sure.

If I had not witnessed it for myself I would not believed it, the 1st time the girls used it on Lexi it was like she was a different dog. When the girls came back from their walk with her they said( "She walked beside us like she was a well-trained dog") and has continued to do so ever since.

Now the girls just grab the harness and she runs to the gate and sits to wait while they put it on her and then it’s off for a walk out of the yard I thought she would never be able to leave.

We would like to say THANKYOU and that is from Lexi as well. I have no hesitation in Recommending your Harness because it has been like a Miracle.

Thank you Again
Alison Jones

Reply From Site Owner...
Thank you Alison for taking the time to share your story about Lexi with us. It will help other dog owners experiencing leash walking problems to have hope that there is an easy solution available.


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