Jordan the crazy diamond
A Red Stumpy Tail

by Nancy

I rescued Jordan three years ago from the animal shelter. The animal shelter listed her as an Australian cattle dog.

Recently I was reading a book on Autralian cattle dogs and to my surprise there was a chapter on stumpy tail cattle dogs. I knew right away by the pictures that Jordan was a stumpy tail after all.

She was a little taller, hair on the neck a little longer, face a little more narrow, hind legs are longer than the front, tail being a little stump.

She is a very pretty red stumpy, very energenic, loyal, smart, sharp and she loves life. She wakes up in a good mood every morning, howling and dancing around...she is so much fun.

I trained her to run along side when I ride my bicycle, she is so smart that she knows to slow and stop at intersections. People are always impressed when they see her running along side.

Jordan my red stumpy tail is truly a diamond, a crazy diamond!


I smile as I read your story about Jordan, you've captured the true essence of owning an Aussie Cattle Dog - a Red Stumpy Tail at that. I wonder how she found her way all the way across the Pacific Ocean to America... her family would have a story to tell.

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