I Get Great Results Using
Basil Leaves and Tumeric powder

by Tahira

For colics and breathing problems in horses i use raw basil leaves in the diet and tumeric powder on open wounds for quick healing as its as good as an antibiotic powder. It would be best if you mix tumeric powder with aloe vera extract and apply on wounds.

Comment From Site Owner...

Thank you Tahira for sharing alternative treatments using natural remedies. We are great supporters of natural therapies and love Basil and Tumeric. We regularly use Aloe Vera on all our animals, we have it growing near the stables and are always breaking a piece off and spreading the soothing gel on bites and scratches, etc.

CAUTION... we need to make it very clear that; we cannot confirm Tahira's suggestions as we have not tried them. We will in the future, when the need arises and report back. We strongly recommend that, before using any natural remedy you check it out first with your Veterinarian. Often, what works on a human can be toxic to an animal.


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