How I Got My Dingo
In America

by Denzel

Well I'm a frieght train rider and I came across a wild pack of dogs in the desert, its common for me to see wild dogs on the streets in America, but, this dog was diffrent, she followed me away from her pack, all the way back to the city.

When she was in the city she was freaking out kinda barking at me, after following me to the city I was like you're my dog, you left your pack for me.

At first I thought she was a black lab and chow because she was tiny, black with a blue toung, 1 month later I take her to a vet so she can get a plain checkup, even though she was healthy. The vet told me that they couldnt take care of her because she was a full black dingo, lol, its still kinda funny, I've been sleeping next to a nature born wild dog, like it was a pet I've had for years... she's really smart, I let her walk across the street by herself because she's always alert, and verry good on busses because she's my service animal.

I came to this site to see when were dingos mating season but I found this.

Note from site Editor...

We have decided to publish this story as a courtesy to the person who submitted it, although, being annonymous, we rarely do so.

The description given of the dog in no way resembles an Australian Dingo.

The dog is obviously a very special one and I'm surprised that a Vet would refuse to treat this dog, just because it was considered to be a wild dog. Unless of course, the dog was dangerous to handle. However, from the description of the dog's behaviour this doesn't seem to be the case.

We wish you and your dog a very happy life together, on the road and thank you for your contribution. Take care of each other with love and kindness.


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