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"The Ultimate Harness For Dogs!"

Easy On & Easy Off!
Less than 30 seconds to fit and you're good to go!
Couldn't be a simpler Dog Harness!...

Stops the Dog Pulling!
An excellent Training & Control
No Pull Dog Harness
That Won't Cause Pain or Damage
To Your Dog!

Lets you Walk The Dog easily & happily!
A Dog Pulling You All Over The Place...
Is Not Fun!
The Walk-Me Slip Harness
Is Not like any other Harness For Dogs you've seen!

A comfy & safe No Pull Dog Harness
Kind & Humane for your adult dog...
It's perfect for Puppy Leash training too!
Totally effective at stopping the Dog Pulling against you!
Puts you back in control!

PLUS - FREE With Each Purchase
A Copy Of Our Powerful - "3 P's of Leash Training Tips".
Combined with the versatile
Walk-Me Slip Harness For Dogs
You can't Fail!

Using The Proven Training Principle Of...'Give & Take'... "Choking Your Dog Is Over"... With the best Harness For Dogs you can now Walk The Dog in peace! Leash Training Dog is not as hard as you may think.

The 'Take' Feel… is spread over a large area of the dog's body, resulting in an immediate response from the dog. The majority of the 'take' pressure is applied across the chest, making it very safe to walk the dog!

The 'Take' Action… can be used, in the beginning, as firmly as you need to, without the fear of hurting or damaging your dog. The amount of 'Slip' Action can be easily & quickly adjusted… the more 'slip' the more control!

For a large, strong, dog pulling on a leash… you can put extra 'slip' into the harness so that; when the 'take' action is applied the harness will actually take the momentum out of the dog's front legs. If you lack the strength and size to deal with a big dog pulling against you, this unique benefit makes it much easier for you to walk your dog - it gives you the upper hand!

After years of research, trial and testing... the Walk-Me Slip Harness is now the best dog harness... your dog can't escape your control… They can't twist, turn, spin or backup on you, like they can do on a collar / halter & leash.

The 'Slip' design of the Walk-Me Slip Harness automatically adjusts to the size and shape of your dog's body, making it the most comfy harness for dogs we've tested and... It won't chaffe or rub!

While your dog is walking calmly & politely s/he hardly knows it's on. If your dog pulls or rushes ahead of you, the harness instantly tightens… sending a quick and consistent message. The Walk-Me Slip Harness shows you how to walk the dog easily, with you in control!

FullyAdjustable!... You can adjust, with the simple slide of a buckle, the amount of 'Slip' required. It also adjusts, easily, from a 'Slip' Harness to a standard 'Fixed' position walking harness.

Once your dog has learned his/her leash manners the Walk-Me Slip Harness can be used as a normal 'fixed' position walking harness, saving you the expense of having to buy two different products.

Suitable For Any Size & Breed Of Dog!
From A Chihuahua To A Great Dane!

The Walk-Me Slip Harness has been trialed & tested
On 1000's of dogs, over 8 years
The Results Are... 100% Customer Satisfaction

We personally stand behind our product. If, for some reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase you may return it in 'as new' unsoiled condition, for a full refund less postage costs, within 30 days from date of purchase.

Deal Direct With The Inventors & Manufacturer
Read Dave's Story...
Dave was the reason we invented
The Walk-Me Slip Harness.
Not Available In Retail Stores
You Have Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain!

Is To Help You Achieve
A Happy, Well Mannered, Leash Trained Dog.

We Stay In Touch With Our Buyers
We're Available On Email
To Help & Answer Your Questions...

The Unique…
Walk-Me Slip Harness
Try It! Buy It!
$24.95aud Plus Postage
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

"We Train and Restrain Without Pain"

patented walk-me slip ringThe difference between the Walk-Me Slip Harness and other harnesses for dogs on the market, is the brand new patented 'SLIP RING' which allows you to convey a clear and consistent message to your dog, if, he/she pulls against you. It is as light as a feather and as strong as an Ox!

The Walk-Me Slip Harness For Dogs, works on the same principle of "give and take" like the choker/check collar. However, it spreads the pressure over a larger 'feel' area around the dog's body, removing the risk of damage to vital structures in the neck and head area.

walk-me slip ring on reggie

The Walk-Me Slip Harness automatically adjusts to the way your dog is behaving. For example; if your dog is behaving politely then they will hardly know the harness is on them, it will be loose and comfy. However, should they try to rush off, the harness will immediately tighten around their body and send a quick and clear message that this is not as comfy as it was!

The Walk-Me Slip Harness is easily adjusted to fit any size dog. It's also adjustable from a 'slip' training harness to a normal fixed position walking harness. This is one of the reasons we believe it's the best dog harness available.

See for yourself what Walk-Me Slip Harness Buyers tell us...

Kim says this about her dog Kane...

Genuine Buyer Testimonials tell the real story...

All Customer Feedback on this site is voluntarily sent in and is not solicited by us.


Gives A Clear AND Consistent Message To Your Dog,
Simply AND Quickly,
Without Pain OR Panic


Giving You Safe, Happy AND Enjoyable Walks
With Your Best Friend.

CLICK HERE... To Try The Walk-Me Slip Harness On Your Dog
Immediate Results Without The Use Of Pain!
If Not, Return In 30 Days For A Refund.
Not Available In Any Retail Outlet
Buy Direct From The Inventor
We Personally Guarantee Our Product.

Have a look at the Walk-Me Slip Harness in action

A couple of notes regarding the video content; Firstly, the dogs filmed were regular household pets, with little or no leash training.

As you will see; their exuberance on a standard collar and leash is quite uncontrollable and they are at real risk of being hurt, even having long term damage done to their Spines, Soft Tissue, Trachea and Esophagus.

As soon as they are on the Walk-Me Slip Harness they have a more settled attitude.

Except for 6 month old Ellie, the Hungarian Vizla, she's still determined to be full on and take advantage of her young owner, however, at least she is not at risk of being hurt on a Walk-Me Slip Harness, as she plays with her friends. With time, her young owner will learn how to be a reliable Pack Leader for her, afterall, this was the first time he had used a Walk-Me Slip Harness or for that matter, any Harness For Dogs.

Dog Harness at

"In Loving Memory of Reggie - 2008"
Who Recently Passed Away
He Will Be Greatly Missed
We Thank Reggie For His Contribution In Making A Kinder Harness For Dogs
Our Sympathies Go Out To Penny and Her Family
For Their Sad Loss

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From The Hallgren Study

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Harness For Dogs

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Walk-Me Slip Harness Users

CLICK HERE to Learn How and Why
The Walk-Me Slip Harness Was Invented
Read Dave's Story

Customer Feedback from
Walk-Me Slip Harness Users

A Walk-Me Slip Harness
For Your Dog

Walk-Me Slip Harness will not be taking orders until further notice. Thank you for your past support & we wish you happy walking with your four legged loved ones. 🐕

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