frisby wonder

by mysticcrow
(portland, oregon)

I have a blue heeler and a red carolina dingo. I am a sucker for this breed. My blue heeler Myrrh is an Einstein dog. He is my life manager. Myrrh goes to the river with 6 frisbies because he is non-stop and I throw them and he catches them but to conserve energy doesn't bring them back. I just keep walking and throwing and collecting frisbies. He understands the word "big" and will bring you the size ball you request by using that word. He also understand "big waters" to be the ocean which he loves. Myrrh loves baseballs and has stolen them from games. His dream was to be short-stop for the New York Yanks. Like all his breed, he doesn't like to be told what to do. In fact, he had to pick his vet. We took him vet shopping until he found one he liked. When he did, he

stopped acting like "Terminator" Dog and got his shots.I think we visited 8-9 vets before he accepted one. Myrrh loved my half-and-half cartons -- he would peel them at the seems and lick out the cream. He loves to swim chasing his frisby in the river. Very social with people and other dogs he goes everywhere with me
because he doesn't need a leash. He can tell time and often wakes me
to go to work when I exceed the alarm. Best friend for life.

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Jan 03, 2010
Great Description of Life with a Blue Heeler
by: Lou-ann

Great story, describes life with a blue heeler so well, I thought it was my story with our lovely girl Kelly.

Thanks for sharing, brought back great memories.

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