Dog Walking Problem.

by Rae
(Queensland Australia)

Charlotte & April<br>We're Maltese X Shihtzu Dogs<br>We Love Taking Mum For A Walk!

Charlotte & April
We're Maltese X Shihtzu Dogs
We Love Taking Mum For A Walk!

I have 2 maltese x shihtzu, they basically take me for a walk, they are very strong.

Their names are Charlotte & April.
I have just purchased 2 walk-me slip harnesses, do I need the extension leash as well?


Reply From Site Owner...

Hi Rae,

I have received your order, thank you.

I understand what you're saying about Charlotte and April, Maltese X Shihtzu are very strong little dogs. More importantly, little dogs can do as much damage to themselves by jerking and pulling on a collar / leash as a big dog can.

Re your question about the Wander Time Extension Lead...

You don't need it... the Walk-Me Slip Harness is designed to keep your dog next to you... we provide the matching Wander Time Extension Lead, which attaches to the handle end of the harness, for the times when you don't want / need to be in training / control mode... ie. when you get to the beach, park, etc and don't want to take them off the leash but would like them to have some free wander time.

A lot of people just leave the extension lead attached all the time and carry the extra length... it's up to the individual and what's comfy for you.

You could attach any leash, it just threads through the handle end of the harness and then back through its own handle... really easy.

If, you do want to purchase the matching extension leads, don't add any postage as the post bag already paid for the two harnesses has enough weight allowance in it to cover the extension leads.

We'll be posting your harnesses off to you tomorrow, so you would need to order them tonight, if you do want them, otherwise there would be additional postage charge of $6.30 in Australia, if we have to post them seperately.


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