Dog Training Tips
Walk-Me Slip Harness Users

Walk-Me Slip Harness

The following Dog Training Tips are included here to help our Walk-Me Slip Harness users to gain the maximum benefits from their new dog harness.

Specific Dog Training Equipment like the Walk-Me Slip Harness still have to be used correctly if they are going to help you solve your dog problems.

Our Aim Is To Solve Dog Problems Associated With Walking Dogs.
The Right Dog Walking Harness
Combined With Some
Simple Dog Training Tips
Will Make a Huge Difference Immediately

We are so confident in our product that we can say it is the best "dog walking harness" on the market today. We'd love your feedback and opinion as well. Please Click below to let us know what you think and to also share your dog problems and simple Dog Training Tips with us.

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All Dogs Need Exercise

Without the ability to express themselves through exercise these little guys will create havoc!

Apart from potty training, the best lesson they can learn is to walk politely on a leash.

They deserve to have the best chance possible to live a happy life as a member of your family and to give you the love and joy they have in their hearts to give.

However, if they don't understand their responsibilities then how can they behave the way you expect?

A special dog walking harness is one of the best pieces of dog training equipment you can use. One of the best dog training tips we can give you is that; to avoid dog problems in the future please use a humane dog walking harness now, one that doesn't cause pain or long term damage to the head and neck area of your dog.

Walking dogs is great exercise and should be fun, but fun for both of you, not a misery for one.

Simple Dog Training Tips
For Using
The Walk-Me Slip Harness

The first time you fit your new Walk-Me Slip Harness it might feel a little clumsy putting it on. Just do it a couple of times and you'll find out how quickly it becomes second nature and how easy and quick it really is. It is by far easier and quicker than any other dog walking harness on the market that we've tested.

To begin with, until you get used to your own particular dog's size, have the slide buckle up towards the handle end of the harness when you're putting it on. Once on, you can then adjust the buckle down towards the slip ring for the correct fit and to provide the amount of 'give & take' action you require.

Your Walk-Me can be adjusted using the slide buckle to fit any size dog AND it can be adjusted to give you the amount of 'give & take' action you require.

Important Dog Training Tips; The looser the harness is the more control you have if / when your dog rushes forward or pulls. Therefore, it is more effective to have the harness loose, even floppy, around your dog's chest if you require control for a dog that is big, strong and overly exuberant.

Always ensure you attach the safety clip (provided), to your dog's standard collar so that, should you have the harness too loose and your dog, by chance, happens to step out of it, you are still connected. There is no action though, whatsoever, on the dog's neck / collar / head area, it is a safety precaution only.

You can see from the front view in the picture below that, the harness on this big dog has flopped loose around the top of his legs, all of which is ok and not a problem. If, he was to run off his forward momentum would engage the harness and it will tighten around the top of his legs and chest area. This action tends to automatically make the dog stop and think, at least long enough to give you the time to take control & start sending him a clear and firm message - 'give & take' - comfort vs discomfort.

DO though, use your commonsense when adjusting the amount of slack in the harness, floppy is good, hanging on the ground is not!

Dog Training Tips For The Walk-Me Slip Harness

Remember - Another Dog Training Tip; you can be very firm when using the 'give & take' action without the fear of hurting your dog. Unlike other dog training equipment that act on the neck & head area and can cause damage & pain to vital structures such as airways, spinal cord, etc, the Walk-Me Slip Harness sends its message over a larger 'feel' area of the dog's body, spreading the 'take' action so that it can't cause harm or damage. No living being, be it human or animal, can learn anything positive while it is gagging for air and hurting!

The FIRST TIME you put your new Walk-Me Slip Harness on your dog you may find that he/she is somewhat perplexed by the feel and doesn't want to walk forward. This is completely normal with any body harness, it doesn't happen with all dogs but for the ones that do react this way a simple dog training tip is to; adjust the harness into the snug position by sliding the buckle down towards the slip ring and allow your dog to then just wander around the house with it on. Leave them alone and just go about your normal routine for 10 - 30 minutes while they get used to the feel. It is important though, that you don't leave the dog unsupervised during this time, just keep half an eye on them but don't make a fuss, let them work it out for themselves.

While the Walk-Me Slip Harness, by its very own action of 'give & take' / 'tighten & loosen', will send a clear message to your dog of what feels comfortable or uncomfortable, the handler still needs to use it effectively and consistently to achieve the desired long term results, so, a few dog training tips for using your new Walk-Me will definitely help you.

In virtually every instant we've witnessed to date, the Walk-Me will give you immediate control by its very own action, even if the handler does nothing more than hold the end of it. However, as mentioned above, to achieve long term results with your dog you do need to use it properly as a training tool, by taking advantage of the instant 'give & take' action.

Dog Training Tips can only help you solve your Dog Problems if you use the dog training equipment properly and consistently.

An important dog training tip is; never allow yourself to get into a tug'o'war with your dog, always & instantly use the 'give & take' action whenever your dog starts to pull. From the outset try to be sensitive and alert enough to anticipate what your dog is going to do and show him that you're the Pack Leader and smarter than him. Check him when he 'thinks' about it, even before he's physically taking the action - you'll get the feel as his body language tells you what he's thinking.

It is only with this consistency that your dog can learn and in the beginning, depending on the individual dog, you may well have to be very harsh and clear with the 'give & take' action. With your Walk-Me you can use it as strongly as required with the comfort of knowing you really can't hurt your dog, unlike other devices that go around the neck and head area and that can cause pain and damage.

Remember; Always 'give / release' as quickly as you 'take / tighten' - never get into a tug'o'war with your dog. If you do, the only thing he/she will learn is that the Walk-Me doesn't hurt and that he/she can control you.

When used to its maximum effectiveness, the Walk-Me will provide the handler with the ability to give the instant message of 'discomfort & comfort' to their dog, easier & more safely than any other training device we've seen.

An important dog training tip is that; as the handler, you have a clear picture in your own mind of what it is you are wanting to teach your dog. If you are indecisive and inconsistent with your expectations then your dog will pick up on this and learn to take advantage of you.

Remember; they are 'pack' animals, and as such, require a leader: you must be the leader! If, you allow your dog to take the role of 'leader' you will start to experience problem behavior from your dog that's unacceptable socially for humans and in its worst case can actually become dangerous.

IN SUMMARY; it is important to see your new walk-Me for what it can give to you and your dog.... the ability to communicate.... effectively and clearly! It is not a miracle 'cure-all'! It is a humane, safe and effective tool for you to use in teaching your dog how to behave, calmly & politely.

Even in untrained & / or inexperienced hands the Walk-Me can still help a dog to learn and more importantly; it can't end up damaging and hurting the animal like other standard devices that are commonly available and used as a matter of course on dogs, can.

The Walk-Me may well be the best & most humane training tool available on the market today but; it is also, in our opinion, the most suitable harness / lead for simply walking your dog. Even if you have no need to train your dog, the Walk-Me is perfect for just walking and exercising your dog. It is completely versatile and adjustable, from the training 'slip' action position to a snug fixed position harness, which is comfy and safe to use on your best friend.

Being a body harness the dog cannot use his/her neck to pivot and spin on the handler or back up, pulling out of the device. It makes the job of the handler so much easier in controlling the direction, speed and attitude of their dog, while out walking.

The "Wander Time" extension lead, available as a purchase option with your harness, is for the play times you want your dog to have. Every walk should include some 'fun' time for both you and your dog, it doesn't always have to be about 'school' time. When using the extension lead please ensure you adjust the harness into the snug 'fixed' position by sliding the buckle down towards the slip ring, removing the 'slip action' from the harness.

To attach the "Wander Time" extension lead to your harness simply feed it through the handle of the harness and then feed it back through its own small loop, located at the opposite end to the handle of the extension lead.

DOG TRAINING TIPS for overly exuberant, energetic dogs; it is often a good idea to burn off some of their excess energy before starting a training session. Attach the extension lead and adjust the harness into the snug fitting position, then let him/her go for a good run, great exercise for both of you! You can then adjust the harness back into the loose fitting 'slip action' position by sliding the buckle back up towards the handle end. Then, commence your training session with the complete expectation that your dog will walk quietly & politely beside you. The moment he/she tries to increase their pace, in excess of yours, use the 'take & give' action to say 'NO', SLOW DOWN! Don't wait till they are 'rushing off' & dragging you with them, be sensitive and pay attention to their 'pace', they'll let you know what they're thinking by their body language - pre-empt them and take the thought process away before it becomes action.

Some more handy Dog Training Tips; While they walk calmly and politely beside you, do nothing, let the harness be loose and comfy so they hardly even know they have anything on them at all. Finish your training walk on a good note, when your dog is being polite! I always like to finish each training session with another play time as well, it is usually far more subdued than the first play time is at the start of our walk, when they have energy to burn however, it is a nice 'smell the roses' type of 'wind down' wander time - by then I'm pretty bushed myself and am happy to just wander home as well.

Thank You Dog Harness Solutions

CLICK BELOW...If you haven't already tried the Walk-Me Slip Harness
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Thank You for seeking out a humane Dog Walking Harness for your dog. One of the simplest Dog Training Tips is that; You will solve your Dog Problems far more easily by using kind, pain free Dog Training Equipment than you will by using some of these other tools that rely on causing pain to train.

A fixed position dog harness won't help you control a strong, pulling dog but, the Walk-Me Slip Harness will, combined with some simple dog training tips. It provides you with the benefits of being a 'two in one' dog walking harness. It adjusts easily from the 'slip' action training position to a standard fixed position body harness with the slide of a buckle.

Walking Dogs should be fun and it is a great way to get valuable exercise but, you do need the right dog walking harness and a few simple dog training tips, to avoid those frustrating dog problems that just take all the joy out of it.

Get Help OR Give Help!
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Do you have OR have you had dog walking problems? By sharing your story and experiences you're helping other dog owners.

If, it's help you need then, we will personally reply... giving you some powerful Leash Training tips & ideas that, we know are proven to work.

Lou-ann & Kate

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