Cruel & Dangerous To Your Dog

a cruel dog collar

A Pinch Collar
Just One Example Of A
Common Use - Cruel Dog Training Collar!

A Shock Collar Is Not A Training Collar!
It Is a Painful Torment Device
That does nothing but cause Pain, Fear and Confusion

View This Shocking Cesar Milan Video

Cesar is susposedly the top dog trainer in the world at the moment! To see him using a shock collar on this poor dog until it was a quivering, screaching mess, is hugely disappointing and very sad! For him to feel the need to use a cruel dog training collar like this reflects very poorly on him.

What is even sadder is that; the dog's owner stood by and allowed this to happen to her beautiful, loyal friend! She wouldn't have allowed this to happen to one of her children, but, was intimidated enough by Cesar to permit him to treat her dog so cruelly.

Owners Must Stand Up and Say NO!
Dogs Don't Have A Voice
They Rely On Us!
There Is Absolutely NO Justification
For Using Cruelty & Pain To Train!

He's very sneaky with how he uses the shock collar controller

PLEASE... Make Yourself Aware
For the Sake Of Your Dog

Holding Heart In Hands

Think Carefully Before Choosing Any Dog Training Collar.

We Hold Their Hearts In Our Hands
They Hold Us In Their Hearts!

"We Must Use Our Hands With Kindness"!

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There Is No Need To Use Pain To Train
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We Must Stop Justifying The Use Of
Cruel & Unnecessary
Dog Training Devices

The following are a selection of some, supposed, dog training collars that we find not only cruel but, totally ineffective and unnecessary. Don't Believe Us?... try them on your own neck and see for yourself!

In fact, sadly, there is a case I read about where a father used a shock collar on his children, he is now serving a 16 year jail sentence yet, somehow, large segments of the dog training industry justify their use on our pet dogs...WHY?

Because, they are profitable items to sell! simple as that in my opinion! There is no other reason I can see for the average pet dog owner to use one of these dog training devices, they are not effective and there are far better alternatives available.

Let Us Know What You Think?

3 Cruel Dog Training Collars


There are many out there who will argue FOR their use... we can't find one valid reason, we have searched and researched and there is absolutely no justification for them. No ethical Dog Trainer of any note will use them, yet, these cruel pieces of dog training equipment are being marketed to the average dog owner, by so called dog training websites, interested in one thing... making money! The average dog owner brings these supposed dog training devices into their homes where, God Forbid, children as one example, use them on the family dog, who is a helpless victim with no voice.

PLEASE SAY NO! There is absolutely no place in society for these horror devices...LOOK AT THIS EXAMPLE...copied and pasted from a posting on Twitter 26th March 09..."mommaof4wife2r @StealsDeals i used a shock collar for the dog..ran the batteries out every day. seriously. she's annoying...fuzzy and cute, but annoying."

SADLY, very sadly in fact, this is just one example of these sort of postings that I see on a regular basis. This poor little dog is literally being tormented and tortured by it's owner, no wonder it's 'annoying'. I suspect if this little dog had a voice and could speak we'd find out who really is the 'annoying' one. I'd like to put a shock collar on this owner and use it till the battery ran flat, every time she was 'annoying'!!

It proves the point though, that; these devices present a real danger to our pet dogs, when made available enmasse to society, as they are. Please don't skip the above videos and PLEASE support the "Ban Shock Collars" Campaign, by clicking on the above link.

I ask... What has happened to our commonsense and basic decency?...

LOOK... at what a 'shock' collar did to this poor little dog...

This is way more common than you might think AND it is the result of inexperienced, thoughtless people using a dangerous collar - pretty horrible don't you think?

I have spared you the more graphic and ghastly photos of what a shock collar can do!

Shock Collar Burn On Dog

The 3 Dog Training Collar Examples Above

From Left to Right... Shock Collar, Pinch Collar and Choker Collar

Are the worst of the bunch, in our opinion, there are however, more and more, of these cruel dog training collars coming on the market, all with their own claims of solving your dog walking and control problems.

BE AWARE... If, you wouldn't put it on your own neck then don't put it on your dog's neck!

These types of devices not only can and do cause physical damage but, they also cause emotional and psychological damage as well, which, can be almost impossible to repair. Can you imagine receiving an electric shock in your neck and not even understanding how, where or why it happened... this isn't training, it's torment! It also causes more behavioural problems that, then, have to be addressed. The dog loses confidence and trust in you! and simply becomes confused and fearful... is this the sort of outcome you want?

The Most Common and Innocent Of
The Dog Training Collars Is
The Choker Collar

The check or choker collar is the most frequently used dog training collar. When fitted properly it will release when the pressure is released however, the problem is twofold; firstly, it is commonly not fitted properly and secondly, when a dog is excited and pulling on the leash the pressure only increases, it is not released, the average pet dog owner simply ends up in a tug-o-war with the dog. You can see dogs gagging for air on the end of choke collars in any park on any given day!

Experience and observation make it clear that; a dog does not relate the 'choking' to his or her pulling action. When used by the average pet dog owner, the choke collar can cause significant damage to the soft tissue in the neck area, not to mention the risk to vital structures like the Spine, Trachea and Esophagus. It is very clear from anecdotal evidence that; The Check - Choke Collar is ineffective as a training device and potentially dangerous to the dog, in the hands of the average pet dog owner! There is a better and far more effective alternative available, why not choose it!

CLICK HERE To Read The Alarming Facts
Found In The Hallgren Study

Muzzle Harness

This is an example of a Muzzle Harness

Certainly not in the same league as the dog training collars above, but, nevertheless, still capable of causing damage.

It is our opinion, from experience, that; attempting to use the neck and head area for control is not only ineffective but, potentially dangerous for the dog.

I have witnessed these type of halters causing damage to the eyes. When the dog pulls they tend to rub upwards around the eye area. Owners try to avoid this problem by fitting them so tightly as to be very uncomfortable for the dog. They also cause friction and rubbing across the bridge of the dogs nose.

Again, they are ineffective, like all devices using the head and neck area for training / control, they offer the handler no control, the dog is still able to twist, spin, turn and backup, leaving the handler struggling to regain control, all the while causing distress, pain and potential permanent damage to the dog.

Why use such a device when there is a far more effective, safer and more comfortable alternative available?

We Recommend a Dog Harness
And Not A
Dog Training Collar

In Summary
What Choices Do You Have?

It is truely an important responsibility we have in teaching our pet dogs their basic lessons. Effective dog communication is the key; when they understand what we want of them they will give it to us, IF, we are a calm, assertive Pack Leader to them.

Be consistent and clear, in your own mind first, as to what it is you expect. If, you are inconsistent and unsure yourself then, how can you communicate a clear message?

When you truely have the attention and respect of your dog, you won't need any kind of dog training collar, they will follow you as their leader. However, due to legal requirements in most developed countries today, you are required to keep any dog on a leash in a public area. Therefore, please choose your equipment with the dog's best interests in mind.

Keep this thought in mind; in most cases, it is the human that needs the training, not the dog! Should we put a cruel dog training collar on a human? I don't think so!

No dog training collar or device, no matter how much pain it is capable of inflicting, is a replacement for you developing a real bond and relationship of respect with your dog.

We believe that recommending or using the type of dog training collars, described above, is nothing more than an excuse for the lack of abilities and knowledge of the handler. So, if such a device is recommended to you, be wary of the person giving the advice. Think twice and be strong, afterall, you're the only 'voice' your dog has, he's counting on you.

Think about this... There are no 'bad' dogs, just bad handlers, people who don't understand the way dogs think. Most of us don't have the time or inclination to become professional dog trainers, we should though, take a little time to read up on the basics of how dogs act and think. There are many great 'natural' trainers out there who don't rely on cruel dog training collars to achieve the results they want... seek them out.

It's our responsibility to think like a dog, not expect a dog to think and act like a human. Can you imagine what it would be like if, you were in a foreign country and didn't speak the language but, people just kept babbling and yelling at you. Eventually, you'd just give up caring and start avoiding the irritation.

Seek out trainers who work with the dog naturally and who don't promote the use of any device designed to cause pain. Train yourself first, before you try and train your dog, be aware and take this one very important TIP... consistency is the key for a dog being able to learn anything. And, please don't be lured in to making excuses for your lack of knowledge by being sold cruel dog training collars and quick fix devices.

Finally, be particularly thoughtful when training a puppy, they deserve the best start possible. Get it right from the start and it will save you a lifetime of problems and grief. Depending on the size of your breed of pup you can start them from about 10 - 12 weeks on a Walk-Me Slip Harness.

Why Shock Collars Should Be Banned
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Please View This Very Important Video
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We Were Shocked!
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When We Viewed This Video Clip.
To Watch Cesar Shock
This Poor Dog
Into Quivering, Moaning Submission.
This is Cruelty
It Can Not Be Justified!
It Saddened Us
That Cesar Would Hurt A Dog
To Get A Quick Result
For His TV Image.
View The Video...
Please Watch The Whole Clip
And, Take Note Of The
Pointer Labels Given
Because, He's Quite Sneaky
About Using The Shock Collar.
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