Dog Skin Rash...
It Maybe Flea or Tick Related



A dog skin rash maybe caused by dog fleas!

So, what's the best way to help your dog/ puppy to be free of Fleas and Ticks? Hopefully, we can help you. Here's a few questions to ask yourself: Is your dog itching itself incessantly, or is your puppy biting itself? if so, you might want to carefully check your little mate all over, for those cunning critters, the fleas, and if your dog diagnosis is, Fleas! you've got some work ahead of you! ...... Get the little suckers, before they jump on you, because when push comes to shove, they just want a meal, and you are as good a host as any, yikes!!!

You're not wrong in thinking that...
dog fleas are 'Nasty Little Blood Suckers'!


Sadly some pets suffer more than others...

It only takes one of these creepy little dog fleas, to do some major damage to your dog. If you don't attend to the first sign of your dog itching, the result could be a, very nasty, dog skin rash. If your dog does have a skin rash, a mixture of tea tree and lavender, diluted in some water, will take the sting out of the area. If the skin is broken, try applying some Aloe Vera on the rash, to take the heat out of the inflamed area and soothe the skin.

The warm days of Spring are when fleas start to become active! This is the time when you need to make a decision about the type of protection you will be adopting for your dog. Please Note: If you find fleas on your dog or puppy, it is wise to, also, worm your pet because, the worm eggs can be carried by the dog fleas and then digested by your best mate, and there starts the next cycle. There are a wide choice of preventative flea products on the market that are readily available through your Veterinarian or Pet Store. If your dog skin rash is a result of an infestation of fleas, and not just the odd one; chances are you will require an insecticidal product to break the cycle. But there's an alternative to the chemical based products, click on the link below to read more...

We have found this natural product, called TripleSure, for the eradication of both, Fleas and Ticks ...

'All Natural Product'!


Ticks can be fatal to your Pets;
Yes, Another...
'Nasty Little Blood Sucker'!

I'll start with the worst offender; The paralysis Tick. Living close to the coast in the Northern Rivers of NSW, we are very susceptible to this most frightening of all ticks. Tick bites can also turn into a severe dog skin rash; The bite can be very sore so, you may notice your dog itching. The paralysis Tick is light grey in color and their legs are around the snout, towards the front of the body.

If your dog is showing any of the following signs, it needs immediate attention from a Veterinarian:-

Heavy breathing, coughing, a muffled bark, loss of appetite or wobbling in the back legs... If, your dog is showing signs of loosing control in their back legs, it is in grave danger... you must get to a Vet ASAP, because, at this stage you don't have much time and it is usually fatal if untreated!

Brown Ticks and Bush Ticks are less worry-some to your dog. But nevertheless, physically checking through your dogs coat, is a good habit to get into. It is not uncommon to see your dog itching, after a tick has hitched a ride on them, which, if left unattended can turn into a nasty dog skin rash. Check thoroughly around your dog's ears, nose, throat, head and neck, as the ticks are likely to attach themselves when your dog is sniffing the ground. However, an all over check is the only way to be sure!
There are few products on the market, specifically for Ticks. I usually use Permoxin, an insecticidal rinse, which I pour on as a final rinse, at bath time; I also use it on our horses.

BUT, after reading that TripleSure (the product I mentioned above, for the dog fleas), also works on Ticks... I feel it's certainly worth a try!

There could be numerous reasons your dog is itching; If the dog diagnosis of your puppy biting itself turns out to be a, very sore and uncomfortable, dog skin rash, try covering the rash with Aloe Vera, to sooth the inflammation. If, in fact, you find you have a dog flea infestation, you may wish to 'Ask A Vet' for some help or give TripleSure a go.

If you're anything like me, I'm always open to trying any 'Natural Product' before having to resort to the use of Chemicals.


CLICK HERE after reading about, possible, causes of dog skin rash
if you would like to Ask A Vet a question

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