Dog Problems

Can be caused by the lack of good
Dental Hygiene

Have you given much thought to your dogs dental care?


Your dog problems today may, just, be the result of a lack of care at puppy teeth stage. Dog anxiety, excessive dog chewing and the dreaded, halitosis type, dog smell can be an indication of oral disease.

Without regular cleaning, the plaque and tartar build up will, eventually, damage their teeth and gums. The gums become inflamed, swollen and very sore, this is called, gingiva, the disease is gingivitis. If left untreated the gums separate from the teeth, where bacteria lodges and breeds, causing infection and can, eventually, leak into the bloodstream. Alarmingly, this can be the start of major dog problems for your best mate, such as; Liver, Kidney, Heart and Lung problems.

It's no wonder that a lack of good Dental Hygiene will bring dog problems! If you have ever had an abscessed tooth, you know the intense pain that accompanies the abscess. So, dog anxiety would, certainly be a, noticeable, symptom. Your dog chewing bones, or even larger pieces of meat, could be difficult for him or her, because of the pain that he or she would be in and then there's the putrid breath, dog smell, which is a by product of the infection.

Way back, before our K9 friends were dependent on we humans for their dinner, their natural instincts depended on Mother Nature for survival. Their diet was 100% natural; The typical diet consisting of 65% protein, 30%fat, and 5% bone and cartilage, and it was the perfectly balanced meal, which incorporated the, all important, teeth-cleaning regime.

Processed Commercial dog food, unfortunately, misses the all important, teeth cleaning, component. So, it is, absolutely, imperative that we introduce bones into our dogs diet, to avoid any dental dog problems, in the future. When those puppy teeth are strong enough to chew, ensure that fresh, uncooked, bones are apart of their diet and they will, most certainly, be on the right track for a healthy life with healthy teeth!

What can be done to help our Best Mate evade dog problems and pain, so he or she doesn't end up, like this poor doggy?


Brushing your dogs teeth is one way to go It's best to start with the puppy teeth, so they can get used to having either your hands or brush in their mouth; As you can imagine it's, a little, unnatural for them. To avoid those Dog Problems, start by letting the dog lick the toothpaste off your fingers; Pet toothpaste has a poultry flavour, so they'll enjoy it. Repeat this process for a few days, until you can, actually, rub you fingers over the dogs teeth. Progress to a pet toothbrush, they are usually softer than the human kind, and can be purchased through your Vet or Pet Store. Increase the number of teeth that you brush each time, building up to having your dog accept it without showing any dog anxiety.

Another way to go is an annual visit to your Veterinarian This will ensure that your dog is chewing properly and, without pain. The bad dog smell is kept at bay, because of the regular cleaning of the build up of tartar from the their teeth, just like a trip to the Dentist for us.

If brushing is not the way for you; We have found an
alternative, And it's natural!

We came across this natural product that, we're very happy recommending to you, click on the link below to read more about it.

Our pets are living longer these days; They deserve to live healthy and happy lives! When you bring that gorgeous new puppy home with those, sharp, little puppy teeth, remember that pain free, dog chewing is the direct result of a daily oral hygiene plan. Don't let simple, dog problems escalate into dog anxiety and pain. Besides, who needs that stinky, halitosis dog smell, when your Best Mate want's to give you his or her Big Love and a Big Smile :-)


If your dog problems are chronic, and you are concerned that your dogs teeth could be causing major health problems, please seek professional Veterinary help, immediately!

Check Out Some
Natural Health Care Options
For Dog Problems

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