Can Be A Useful and Cost Effective Option
For Treating Minor Dog Health Problems

How Can We Use DOG HERBS To Keep Our Best Friends
Happy And Healthy?

We have found Natural Health Care Remedies very useful for treating ailments ranging from; dog injuries, dog itching, problems with dog ears to dog vomiting.

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What is Natural Health Care and how is it relevant to use Dog Herbs, to treat your dog's minor health problems, such as; dog itching, dog ears, dog injuries and dog vomiting, to mention just a few?

We have the ability to dip into Mother Nature's pantry and use an array of fresh and marketed products, that she has on offer! More and more people are experiencing positive and lasting results on their pets by using, natural products such as, dog herbs like; Rosemary, Lavender, Tea Tree and Medicinal honey.

An animals natural instinct is to seek out what it's body requires.

One, needs only to look at a herd of horses grazing over a large area, to see that they will eat a wide range of different grasses and herbs.

A dog, left to it's own devices, in the wild, is no different. Animals are born with their own Natural Health Care instincts and although they are carnivores, they will seek out vegetation that they know, will be beneficial to a specific need they might have! Watch and observe, they will seek out the right dog herbs for their needs. Domestic dogs, in urban backyards, will eat grass, for example, to settle an upset tummy or to add some fibre to their diet.

A nutritious, well balanced diet, plenty of fresh water, a safe living environment and lots of good, fun exercise are essential for your dog.

Following are a few tips that have I found useful, maybe you can start your own Natural Health Care tool box, by using some of the, suggested dog herbs as well?

The following information I offer is based on my own personal experiences with my own dogs, along with the interest I take in researching each particular dog herb before I use it. I am not a Naturopath or Health Care Provider, I have no qualifications in the field of Herbal Medicine. I am simply sharing my own experiences of trial and error with dog herbs, in the hope that I can encourage others to do the same and take an interest in Mother Nature's own Pharmacy.

No information provided herein is intended to constitute 'advice' or act as a substitute for qualified Veterinary medical care, which, we strongly recommend you seek for any serious or ongoing health problem.



This herb is, most definitely, my most used of the Dog Herbs. I am never without a lavender plant growing in my garden and I always have a bottle of Essential Lavender Oil in the cupboard!

It's a natural antibiotic and antiseptic, so it's great for insect or flea bites and burns. It can, also, be applied directly to the skin; most essential oils need to be diluted in water or oil, first.The sedative and calming properties it contains are also very helpful, for both humans and animals. A spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of lavender oil, is a must for an anxious pet. Spray and massage into their coat, you'll notice the calming effects it has, over time.


It not only gives them relief; But YOU, will also feel the calming effect and it smells wonderful too!

When my horse AJ, was young, he could be very sensitive to his environment, it didn't take much, to make him excited. So, I constantly had my bottle of Lavender water with me and used it, with great regularity! All my friends referred to it as Essence of AJ and they said; they could smell us coming a mile off! So, not only do I refer to it as "one of my dog herbs" it is, very much, a great horse herb!



What dog doesn't end up with the odd scrape or cut from time to time. Dog Injuries and Dog Itching are not uncommon, Aloe Vera can soothe and aid the healing process.

We know that animals have great healing powers of their own, but they can always use a helping hand! I find Aloe Vera to be an essential dog herb to have in your first aid tool box.

It is very easy to grow and being able to break a piece off whenever required is much more economical, than buying Aloe Vera based products from the store.

As I mentioned above, the cool gel from the plant, when you split it open, is very soothing on dog injuries like; cuts, scrapes, burns and inflamed skin from common dog itching problems.

It is 'a must' to have as part of your Natural Dog Herbs Care regime, and as I said previously, it is very easy to grow; great to have in a pot, at the back door!



This is another Essential Oil that I cannot be without! Add it to your own Dog Herbs - Health Care First Aid Tool Box.

Its natural anti-inflammatory and fungicide properties are great for dog itching that is caused by insect bites and mites. By the way, mixed with Citronella, it makes a great fly spray too.

I like to use a mixture of Tea Tree and Lavender, in my spray bottle; again, it's a full bottle of water with a few drops of both essential oils. Spray and massage into the coat. NOTE: PLEASE KEEP CLEAR OF THE EYES!

GREAT FOR PROBLEM DOG EARS; especally for the dogs with floppy ears, who are more prone to suffer with dog ear problems, than those with the open, pointy ears!

My poodle, Bella, sometimes gets a build up of wax in her ears, so I use a mixture of one drop each of Tea Tree and Rosemary Essential Oils and mix with, approximately, one cup of olive oil; The mixture will last a few weeks, if kept in a sealed jar. To clean the ears, wipe gently, inside the ear with a disposable cotton type pad, dipped into the oil mixture, removing any of the dark wax build up and dirt.

If your dog exhibits pain or distress, when you attempt to clean the ears, you should consult your Vet. Ear infections are very painful and, left untreated can become a serious health risk. However, you can help prevent dog ears from becoming infected in the first place, with regular cleaning, as described above.




The antiseptic properties of Rosemary are highly effective, for problematic skin conditions!

In the final rinse, after washing your dog, a rinse of diluted Rosemary, enhances the coats condition, leaving it soft and luxuriant!

If you are growing this particular Dog Herb you can save money by, cutting some foliage off your bush and let it steep in boiled water - till the water has cooled, then add to your final wash rinse. If, you don't grow your own, just add a drop of the essential oil to the final rinse water and pour over the coat to finish off.

It also works a treat, for we, humans! Don't be tempted to over-wash your dog though, you may deplete the natural oils in their own coats. By brushing regularly, it not only cleans the dirt off but, also, stimulates the natural oils in the coat as well.

If you find that your dog is a little smelly and it hasn't been that long since his/her last bath, brush through some baby powder, it will help to eliminate the smell, until the next bath!

Aside from being a good edition for your Natural Dog Herbs Health Care tool box, Rosemary is a fabulous culinary herb; Most especially with lamb!

WARNING: As much as I love this herb, it may not, agree with your dog.
Please CLICK HERE to read about my experience,
with Rosemary and dog seizures,
I learned the hard way!



Does your dog suffer from car sickness? OR, just Dog Vomiting which, you'll notice from time to time.

To settle your dogs tummy; Add, a little fresh, grated ginger and fresh chopped mint, to boiling water; leave and let settle till cool. When cool, add a little of the pulp to some raw dog food, and give to your dog, you don't need much, so don't over-do-it.

I've always known that the Natural Health Care, combination of Ginger and Peppermint worked on humans, with queasy tummies and I have used it myself when traveling in, both, cars and boats; So I was, just, thrilled to find out that it works a treat for dogs too!

This is one of the more interesting Dog Herbs remedies I've discovered.



From the same botanical family as the NZ Manuka honey, Active Jelly Bush honey contains naturally high levels of hydrogen peroxide, which, has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antiseptic qualities.

Active Jelly Bush honey is recommended for the prevention and treatment of a wide range of ailments, from minor grazes, burns and skin lesions / damage to colds and sore throats.

It is also now being recognised and used by Medical Practitioners, in an ever increasing number of hospitals, to treat more serious ulcers, burns, sores and infections - (Exert from Poppy's Honey).

We can't recommend this particular honey, highly enough.

We were first introduced to it, when Lou-ann's horse KC, had an horrific accident through a wire fence, resulting in the skin being stripped to the bone, from the knee right down to the fetlock joint.

The Jelly Bush Honey was recommended by our Equine Vet, and the results were, nothing short, of amazing.

Active Jelly Bush honey is a Medicinal Honey, and is a very valuable addition to anyone's Natural Health Care first aid tool box!

Although, this page is predominantly focussed on Dog Herbs, it is also aimed at stimulating ideas around Natural Health Care. Honey, is of course, not a Herb, but, it just couldn't be left out of a Natural Health Care First Aid tool box.

I hope you have found some of this information helpful. In my own quest for a Natural Health Care regime, I have had great success using Lavender, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Rosemary, to name, but a few, of natures gifts and have found them to be great Dog Herbs.

BUT PLEASE BE MINDFUL... Just because herbs are natural, doesn't mean they are all suitable for your pet. In fact, some herbs can be quite toxic and, all herbs used to excess, in the wrong quantities, hold the potential to cause real harm - to humans and animals alike.

As with any, new product, care should be taken; try anything new with caution, experiment carefully after doing some research or consulting with your Vet.

Also, if you are trying Essential Oils, for the first time, please don't be tempted to over-do them; The essence oils are highly concentrated and only need to be used in very small drops, with lots of water or oil!

Lastly, if you are, in any way, concerned about your dog's well being, please consult your Veterinarian!


If, you have any Natural Health Care remedies, that you would like to share, please Contact Us. We would love to hear from you, so we can all share our knowledge and experiences together, for the benefit of all our pets.


As much as I love Rosemary, it may not agree with your dog.
Please CLICK HERE to read about
my experience with this particular herb...
I, and my beloved Nugget, learned the hard way.

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