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Dog Harnesses vs a Dog Training Collar; is the question most dog owners face at some time. Which option is best for leash training?

SEE FOR YOURSELF by scrolling down and reading real, unsolicited, Customer Feedback.

All these Walk-Me Slip Harness customers had dog walking problems, they were at their wits end and had to find a solution. As you will see, the Walk-Me Slip Harness was their answer, to date we've had 100% positive Customer Feedback.

The Walk-Me Slip Harness is effective on any age dog, not just puppies, it is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!

Proof Positive
The Right Dog Harnesses Are Better Than A Dog Training Collar.


29th September, 2011 Sandra Marsh From Maumee, Ohio, U.S.A.
Emailed Us;

Dear Lou-Ann, I purchased one of your Walk-Me Slip Harnesses a few months ago and it has really made a big difference in walking our rescue dog. Our dog is a mixed large breed, very young and very strong. She is also totally deaf.

She loves to chase squirrels and rabbits and I was concerned that the velcro harness would not hold once she gave chase after an animal. You assured me that the velcro would hold securely and you were right!

Now I recently ordered another Walk-Me Slip Harness just to keep in the car in case we decide to visit a park when we are out for a ride. I never want to be without this harness. We have invested a lot of money in several other kinds of leashes and yours is definitely the very best one.

Thanks for making such a useful and needed product. Sincerely... Sandra Marsh

29th September,2011 Kirrilea Smyth From West Mackay, QLD. Australia
Emailed Us;

Lou-ann... First walk today with our puppies and I ran, walked past other dogs with full control, no shoulder strain at all. Going to training on weekend and will tell every single dog owner I talk to.

Thank you so much there is a light...

Kind regards, Kirrilea, Shaun, Ajax and Molly Ps Shaun (husband) happy he is released from walking duty. Puppies happy... more walking/running with me.

28th September, 2011 Kaye Stinson From Murrumbateman, N.S.W., Australia
Submitted her Walk-Me Slip Harness Story to our website;

I really didnt hold out much hope of walking 'Archie'. He is an english mastiff, crossed with what looks like a ridgeback. So he is a very strong dog.

While at home, he is well mannered and rather quiet but when he leaves the front door with a lead around his neck he becomes as strong as a mack truck. I have blisters on my hands within 5 minutes and nobody enjoys a walk with Archie.

I tried the "walk-Me Slip Harness" as a last resort and Archie behaved straight away! While he didnt pull on the lead he was a little confused for a short time but soon settled in for our first 'nice' walk in a long time. This has changed our walk times completely.

I now let anybody who wants to try it use mine and my neices both want to order one for their large dogs.

thankyou for a wonderful product... Kaye

26th September, 2011 Alison Jones From Scone, N.S.W., Australia
Submitted her Walk-Me Slip Harness story to our website... click here to meet Lexi

Lexi, has always been a very active, robust dog and from an early age had way too much physical strength for my 2 teenage daughters to handle. I am not sure what she weighs now but at 18 months old she would have to be 50kgs+ so because of her strength and inability to behave when walking on a lead, she has been left to a life of boredom in the back yard.

After seeing the Walk-Me Slip Harness on the internet I decided as a last ditch attempt I would purchase it. I must say I did not hold out much hope that it would be successful with LEXI that’s for sure. WELL HOW WRONG WAS I!!

If I had not witnessed it for myself I would not believed it, the 1st time the girls used it on Lexi it was like she was a different dog. When the girls came back from their first walk with her they said; "She walked beside us like she was a well-trained dog" and has continued to do so ever since.

Now the girls just grab the harness and she runs to the gate and sits to wait while they put it on her and then, it’s off for a walk out of the yard I thought she would never be able to leave.

We would like to say THANKYOU and that is from Lexi as well. I have no hesitation in Recommending your Harness because it has been like a Miracle. Thank you Again... Alison Jones

21st August, 2011 Libby Douglas From Lennox Head, N.S.W., Australia
Emailed Us;

"Hello Lou... It was lovely meeting Kate yesterday. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with the Walk-Me Slip Harness I bought. I tried it on Oreo (my Boxer) at Kate's, so knew it was going to be a success. However, I have my son's Bordeaux, Bomber, staying with us at the moment and I was keen to try it on him. I must admit I was a bit dubious it would work as he is so strong in the neck and chest and has been dragging me all around Lennox on our daily walks, until yesterday when I put the harness on him. His immediate reaction was that; 'the game was up' together with the realisation that I was in charge and leading the walk. Today's walk - the same reaction. He is now trotting beside me like a little pussy cat. It truly is unbelievable! I intend buying another harness for him and possibly an extension lead but will wait until we return from holidays. Many thanks to you and Kate, Libby Douglas"

7th Aug, 2011 Ann Robinson From Brisbane, QLD., Australia
Submitted her story with Yinka, a rescue dog who many, many problems... I'm sure her story will give all dog owners who are experiencing problems with their dogs some valuable food for thought... Click Here to read... Ann and Yinka's Story

5th Aug, 2011 Jenny Scott From Wilson, Perth, W.A., Australia
Emailed Us;

"Hi Lou-ann, I used the slip harness for the first time tonight. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is a wonderful invention. We have tried EVERYTHING! Our dobermann is wonderful in the house, yard, at training, except when on the lead on the way to the park. He is on a mission and nothing has been able to control him until now. I am very impressed and eternally grateful, as my husband and I have been concerned at the damage that Kaos is inflicting on himself with his continually pulling with the use of halties and halters, slip collars, and chockers. At 45kg and heaps of energy, Kaos needs his exercise, and so do we, and now, thanks to this harness, we can achieve this and enjoy the experience at the same time. I shall promote this product when ever the opportunity arises. Yours faithfully, Jen Scott"

18th July,2011 Lyn Campbell From Scoresby, VIC, Australia
Emailed Us;

Hi Lou-ann, Yes you can use my recommendation, here is a bit more if you want to use feel free: The walk-me slip harness is a great product, I purchased my first one from you 2 years ago. I was having so much trouble walking my German Shepherd who constantly pulled me when trying to walk and when I came across other dogs it was terrible, I got to the point where I was unable to walk him alone. Desperate to find another way I searched the internet and came across the Walk-Me Slip Harness. It has been great. I now have the confidence to walk my dog alone as I know I am in full control. My husband (who was not having trouble walking him with other leads) now uses it too as it just makes walking so much easier! I can't recommend it enough. Thank you for a great product. Cheers, Lyn."

13th July,2011 Doris Rainesalo From Sterling Heights, MI, USA
Emailed Us;

"I just wanted to thank you & your company for an intelligent walking harness for dogs!! I received my harness yesterday and have gone on two walks already and love it. Hershey is doing much better; we have crossed paths with other people and squirrels & she is much more controllable!! She walks much better, right next to you with her head up, the majority of the time. She is much easier to walk without her crossing in front of you all the time. I know with some more practice, she will be a pro, like the other dogs I see walking. Her next big test is passing a walking dog!! Thank you for all your attentive help, while ironing out the ordering process and thank you for the prompt shipment. It is very refreshing to run across an internet company, that truly knows what customer service is!! You will be highly recommended. Thank you, Lou-ann, Doris Rainesalo"

18th June,2011 Kathy Thompson From Burnett Heads, QLD, Australia
Emailed Us;

"I recently purchased the Walk-Me Slip Harness, now would like to buy the Wander Time Ext.Lead. My son Scott just purchased the set from you as well, he is thrilled with the results. Beau's harness is black, when I put the order in could I request a black lead to match what we already bought. thanks Kathryn Thompson and Beau. - Next Email... Wow,can't believe what a difference the Walk-Me Slip Harness has made, hubby has not been well enough to walk our beautiful golden lab Beau, so it was up to me. Being a small woman, Beau has previously sat me on my behind on the ground when we have ventured out(he's very strong). I was terrified of coming face to face with another dog as i could not control him. Today was day 2 of a very successful walk. I cant believe how well he took to it, even got past the dreaded corner house, hated walking past any house with a dog in the yard, Beau would put the breaks on and that was that. Now he gives a little whinge and knows not to pull. Thanks so much for your wonderful harness. Kathryn and Beau."

17th June, 2011 Dani Voller From Queanbeyan, A.C.T., Australia
Emailed Us;

Hi Lou-ann, Thank you so much for your prompt response, I am so looking forward to the harness turning up! The reason I found out about them is through a friend of mine, Rachael, who got one as she is a dog walker and was keen to try one out. Her own dogs are very well trained so she brought it over to my place to try out on my dog Bob, who is a puller (and not very well trained). We put it on Bob and went for a walk and the difference was amazing, he walked well and wasn't choking himself, but best of all, he didn't get upset about having the harness on, he can get a bit stroppy when pulled into line (he will just roll on his back, reason I was loath to put him on a gentle leader), but he just went, OK, fine. I've tried it on him a couple of times now and it makes going for a walk so much more pleasant, for me and for Bob. I went and had a look at harnesses in pet shops, but they all required being incredibly tight or were too complex, so I came back to your walk-me slip harness because of its versatility and simplicity, and because Bob didn't fight it or get upset about it. The reason behind this story is that I said I would get one for myself and Rach asked me to get her a small one for when she walks small dogs, so the small size is fine, it isn't for any specific dog but for just in case. Any way, once mine turns up, I'll take some photos and send in the story, but will write a better version. Yours (in anticipation and excitement about walking Bob without him choking to death...Dani. PS... very impressed with the back up service provided, I will be taking advantage of that."

21st April, 2011 Glenda Morgan From Parkes, N.S.W., Australia
Emailed Us;

"Hi Lou-ann, I just got back from walking my dog ( a beagle named Lou) for the first time using the harness. It was amazing- I did not think it was possible to have such an immediate and drastic transformation in his behaviour. I think I'm in shock from having such a lovely, easy walk. I only wish I got this harness when I got the dog-- he is 10 years old and still pulls like a tractor. I can't thank you enough for this great product (and you can quote me). Cheers, Glenda"

18th April, 2011 Cheri Basehore From Carlisle, PA, U.S.A.
Emailed Us;

"Hi Lou-ann, I received my harness and love it. We recently adopted a pit bull and she would pull me along on our walks despite my best efforts to try different techniques to get her to slow down. The harness worked the first time we used it. Thank you, Cheri Basehore"

11th April, 2011 Ella Kila From Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Emailed Us;

"Hi Lou-ann, The harness came in about 10 days ago but I had to go out of town. I tried it for the first time yesterday when I was back home. Remember, I have a Husky. It was amazing - he did not pull once! He walked very nicely just next to me. We normally use a metal chain to walk him, one of those slip ones where when he does not pull it lies relaxed. Although he walks fine with my son with that chain, he did not with me (I'm not dominant enough I guess) - he always walked slightly ahead of me and would pull off to sniff whatever caught his fancy. Well, NO MORE! Thank you so much! A happy dog and dog owner! Ella"

4th April,2011 Maisie Brown From Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand
Emailed Us;

"Hello Lou-ann, We got Timmie when he was just 6wks old, but did get to see him and his parents Max and Ruby when he was just 2wks... he just fitted into the plam of my hand, he was just soo cute.

The first harness I bought was very fiddly to put on and he really used to squirm and be very naughty and he found if he rolled over in the grass he was able to pull his front leg out. At first he wouldn't let me put on the Walk-me-slip Harness, but after offering him treats he was okay, now I am able to put it on with no bother. He walks very well with this harness and I have found he is much better to handle, I would recommend this harness to other dog owners.

He is a very head strong pup and we have found him very hard work some days. This is the first dog we have had, we have always had cats before. We are not a young couple far from it and didn't really know how much work was involved in having a young pup, but I have to admit I am doing more walking since we have had him so that can't be bad can it? Cheers, Maisie"

10th March,2011 Wendy Cai From San Francisco, U.S.A.
Wrote on Ebay..."worth the wait. Tabby didn't feel awkward in it, she stopped tugging the walks!:)"

19th February, 2011 Sara O'Reilly From Deception Bay, Queensland, Australia
Wrote on Ebay... "It worked staight away, very happy Buyer."

18th February, 2011 Pamela Hooper From Croydon, Victoria, Australia
Wrote on Ebay... "Fantastic, have just been for hour walk and no sore shoulder AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"... Pamela has Tyra a Dalmatian.

19th December,2010 Yolanda Thompson From Dysart, Queensland, Australia
Wrote On Ebay..." Thank you, does work on our Great Dane puppy. Great seller."

19th December,2010 Melissa Augustyn From Bozeman, MT. USA
Sent us this email...
"Thanks for making this product. I can walk my own dogs so much more easily and I can even walk them together now instead of one at a time.

I have also been able to walk some of the unruly dogs belonging to my friends and the high energy ones at the animal shelter. I ordered a few extra harnesses to keep on hand and give to people who claim their dogs cannot walk on a leash. Thanks so much. Melissa (and Maya - see attached photo).

We asked Melissa (a repeat buyer of our product) if we could use her kind words as a testimonial for our great product... this is her reply below...

You can certainly use my testimonial and photo. Maya will love to know she is on an international website..ha ha! I do volunteer at our local shelter. We have many homeless dogs there especially since the economy has turned and of course, never enough volunteers.

They mostly provide prong collars at the shelter for walking but I have been bringing along one of my Walk-Me Slip Harnesses and using that instead. The dogs have so much pent up energy that I feel they are much easier to control with the Walk-Me Slip Harness and I don't worry that I am hurting them.

I'm sure they would love to have a harness on hand for other volunteers. Most of the dogs there are large. A mix of colors would be great too. Let me know on the postage and I can forward payment. Thanks for the personalized response!
Happy Holidays,
Melissa Augustyn

13th December,2010 Leslie Jones From Wauchope, N.S.W., Australia
Wrote on Ebay... "improvement - working on it."

3rd September,2010 Louise Dillon From Edgewater, Western Australia
Wrote on Ebay... "Really happy with the harness, Buddy walks by my side now, unbelievable really!

Louise also sent us this email on 2nd Sept,2010..."Just wanted to say thankyou for the harness, which I purchased thru ebay. We struggled to get it onto our exuberant 8month old staffy x and he refused to walk a single step at first, which was funny, but once we actually got underway, he responded really well - every time the harness tightened around him when he started to lunge around, he stopped and looked at me enquiringly as if to say what's going on! He learnt really quickly that its just easier to walk nicely next to me. I really appreciated it when he lunged at some kids (he loves kids) and the harness immediately checked him without tearing my arm off. I'm looking forward to more enjoyable walks with Buddy, no more lead-burns on my hands and no doubt a more comfortable neck for Buddy. Thanks for a great invention.

12th August,2010 Natasha Oakley From Hoppers Crossing, Vic, Australia
Wrote on Ebay... "As described, quick postage".

8th June,2010 Wendy Dodimead From Myrtleford, Vic, Australia
Wrote on Ebay... "Thank you - quickly received, one dog responds other not... Thanks heaps. Recommended".

13th May,2010 Michelle Callanan From Eaglehawk, Vic, Australia
Wrote on Ebay... "Brilliant harness highly reccomend it to any dog owner".

29th April,2010 Altair Isdale From Daisy Hill, Qld, Australia
Wrote on Ebay... "A+++ seller thanks".

22nd April,2010 Vanessa Ireton From Mt.Colah, N.S.W., Australia
Wrote on Ebay... "The BEST value harness - and it WORKS! VERY happy owner and doggy here!!!!!

16th April,2010 Anthony Gehring From Hawthorn, Vic, Australia
Wrote on Ebay... "A+++++++++++++++++++++++++ Cheers for all your help".

3rd April,2010 Danielle Bienke From Tugun, Qld, Australia

19th March,2010 Kaz Blake-Owen From Mytleford, Vic, Australia
Wrote on Ebay... "Excellent service, speedy delivery, thank you".

16th March,2010 Kerri Anderson From Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Wrote on Ebay... "got it and tried it, and seems to be great, the puller dont like it though..LOL".

25th Feb,2010 Debra Ryland From Hillcrest, Qld, Australia
Wrote on Ebay... "Very impressed with the offer of ongoing communication & support. Thank you."

25th January,2010 Clive Humphries From McCracken, South Australia
Wrote on Ebay... "Ideal harness, well made, better than the "Sporn" that has just broken, very happy Buyer.

16th Dec,2009 Gloria Gellatly From Australind. Western Australia
Wrote On Ebay... "I am very happy with the harness, it really does what it is meant to do, GREAT!!

29th October, 2009 Jenny McKoy From Moonee Ponds, Vic. Australia
Wrote On Ebay... "Thank you very much, good quality item & fast postage. Let the training begin!"

26th October, 2009 Dan & Karen From Nova Scotia, Canada
Emailed... "Silvia4dogs wrote about the Walk-Me Slip Harness on Canine Voice... we tried it on our male dog. It is the best harness that we have tried. He does not pull on it which helps because the vet has told us he has hip dysplasia. He pulled on the sensation and a normal harness...but this is the best and I am so happy that Silvia wrote about it and I looked into it and took the chance and bought one. We ordered one for his sister. Can't wait until it arrives. We can finally walk our dogs without our arms and back hurting."

5th October 2009 - Jack & Cathie Heffernan, N.S.W. Australia
Emailed... "WOW how easy. After talking to u at the lismore market on sunday and purchasing the harness just could not wait to try it. Today i walked bella our kelpy x about 6kls and it was so easy and it was like she had it on before. It was great to have control and she enjoyed it. thanks for the advice and the harness jack & cathie heffernan and bella"

May, 2009 - Debbi Schaefer - U.S.A. emailed us;
On Sat May 02 10:30:47 2009, the following results were submitted from the "CONTACT US" page on our website...

"Just wanted to say "I love the Walk-Me Slip Harness and so does my dog Rane." She is a pleasure to walk now and we even attatch her with the harness on to the baby stroller and she pulls my granddaughter for me, leaving me extra energy for longer walks. Thanks for your great product. Debbi Schaefer and her rescue dog Rane. God Bless!!

24th March, 2009 - Ruth Drakes - Coffs Harbour, N.S.W, Australia
wrote... "excellent, worked perfectly the first time, thanks for your ingenuity!"

12th March 2009 - John Curley from Sydney, N.S.W. Australia
wrote... " Erin tried it on her problem dog, well she was amazed at the result, this is a dog that she hasn't been able to walk in 2 years. Erin fitted the harness as shown & he walked without pulling or dragging her up the road, he walked beside her, she could not believe it. So, if we can arrange it we will video him on the old lead & then on your harness to show the difference."

16th March 2009 - Verity Currey from Georgetown, N.S.W. Australia
wrote..."Once we actually manage to get it on a frisky puppy, it's FANTASTIC:)".

1st March 2009 - Megan Mills from Waratah NSW Australia
wrote..."Wonderful item !!!!!! Can't recommend the harness enough.Thank you !!" Megan purchased 2 Walk-Me Slip Harnesses for her two dogs; 17wk Labrador pup and a "full on" male Staffy.

26th January 2008 - Rikki Davis from Wagga Wagga NSW Australia
wrote..."Fantastic Product - Highly recommended".

28th January 2008 - Beatrix de Boer from Rockhampton QLD Australia
wrote..."Try these, you won’t be disappointed – Excellent”.

28th January 2008 - Lesley Turner from Inglewood WA Australia
wrote..."Brilliant Invention".

30th January 2008- Leanne Maguire from Graigmore SA wrote..."Brilliant idea my dog luvs it and so do I. Thanks again, will tell my friends".

5th February 2008 - Matthew Baker from Quyen Victoria Australia
wrote..."Good Product, Thanks".

12th February 2008 - Jo McLinden from Lavington NSW Australia
wrote..."Works Well, Thanks - Great Service".

13th February 2008 - Mark & Bethany Fahey from Marino SA Australia
wrote..."Great Product - Thanks".

15th February 2008 - Jason Hole from Laidley QLD Australia
wrote..."Great - As described".

15th February 2008 - Darryl Siddons from Goodna QLD Australia
wrote..."My Spaz Dog is now getting better, The Best Ever".

16th February 2008 - Kris Dabassy from Blackburn Victoria Australia
wrote..."Unfortunately no immediate results for us".
After communicating with Grace she emailed back the following; "My mistake, I have been having the buckle tighter, thinking that, the tighter the less they move. Last walk I loosened the buckle as you suggested and I had my naughty Labrador walking straight past people. I hope the results keep escalating as we have had major improvements the last two times, now I’m actually using the harness correctly".

11th March 2008 - Chris Nguyen from Belmont WA Australia
wrote..."Great Product - Great Service".

20th March 2008 - Karla Bishop from Tamworth NSW Australia
wrote..."Fabulous quality, much more than I expected - My Doberman loves it Yaah!!!".

1st April 2008 - Julie Dicker from Elsternwick Victoria Australia
wrote..."Many Thanks - will be back again".

4th April 2008 - Kylie Hammond from Kirribilli NSW Australia

4th April 2008 - Jill McDougall from Studfield Victoria Australia
wrote..."Wow Fabulous Product & Service - Thank You, first walk went brilliantly. Most Impressed! Thanks again from the grateful beagle also".

8th April 2008 - Therese Simpson from Ballina NSW Australia
wrote..."Fantastic Harness, works like magic – Very Happy (Therese purchased two harnesses, she also said "Great Communication").

22 May 2008 - David Cao from Narre Warren Victoria Australia
wrote..."Excellent Product, well prepared & fast shipping".

21st August 2008 - Clayton Abbott from Horsley NSW Australia
wrote..."Great product, excellent communication - Thanks".

2nd September 2008 - Karin Brown from Rosebank NSW Australia
wrote..."The harness is wonderful, we’ve got three sled-racing dogs that love to race on cold winter mornings & nights. However, push comes to shove, when I would like a leisurely stroll, the harness works like a charm, Thanks!".

30th October 2008 - Leah Hart from Frakston Victoria Australia
wrote..."Great Product".

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kane a bull arab crossKANE - TWO YEAR OLD BULL ARAB

We met Kane yesterday; he’s a gorgeous creature and is full of the joys of life. He is a very powerful young boy who is much loved by his owner Darren, they really are best mates!

Darren is a Farrier by profession and Kane is being trained, beautifully, by him. Darren also trains horses so the "Give and Take" action of the Walk-Me Slip Harness made complete sense to him.

Kane doesn't need any form of leash when with Darren, as he is trained to completely obey his Pack Leader however, for many reasons not least 'legal' requirements, there are times that every dog is required to be restrained on a leash. It is for these times that Darren sees the value in his Walk-Me Slip Harness. Plus, it enables other family members to have Kane controlled on a leash if necessary, when Darren is not around.

We would like to point out that Kane’s chain collar is not a check/choker chain. "The Walk-Me Slip Harness has no action, whatsoever, on the neck and head area, it is clipped to the dog’s standard collar, purely, as a safety precaution".

The Right Dog Harnesses are far more effective and far kinder than a collar and leash.


Lockie is a fit, very strong five year old Shepherd cross Doberman. For the most part he is a well behaved boy, but there are times when Holly, his owner, is pulled off her feet because of Lockie's exuberance.

We asked Holly to walk Lockie with his own lead and then try the Walk-Me Slip Harness to see what difference it would make.

Holly was thrilled with the Walk-Me Slip Harness result; it gave her instant control when Lockie leapt forward to run off. Instead of fighting with him, Holly was able to give an upward pull on the harness, Lockie got the message and they resumed their walk in comfort.

Holly says she feels much better now that she's changed over to dog harnesses instead of the old collar and leash.

This is an email we received from Holly..."

Subject: Re: "Pics of Lockie the wonder dog"

Thanks Kate, the pics are beautiful! Lockie continues to be a good boy with his Walk-Me and he says "thanks", he's happy not to be choked and I'm happy not to be pulled. Its a great product and I'm sure it will be a big success!

Holly and Lockie

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By sharing tips, ideas and experiences we can help each other to enjoy our dogs and create more fulfilling relationships with them.

We're sure you'll find it as rewarding as we do, to know you've helped another dog and their owner to communicate a little better.

We look forward to reading your story,
Lou-ann and Kate

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I have 2 maltese x shihtzu, they basically take me for a walk, they are very strong. Their names are Charlotte & April. I have just purchased 2 walk-me …

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