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Jun 08, 2014

Bandit the Jack Russell Terror

Hello, Bandit is a one year old short Jack who loves people and other dogs, When we go for a walk he is fine until he sees someone or another dog, then

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Jun 08, 2014

Dog Harness Solutions, dog walking made easy with kind dog equipment

Dog Harness Solutions is the result of 8 years trial and error by a dog lover who was determined to find a humane and easy way to walk her out of control dog

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Feb 02, 2014

Rocky the 20kg Staffy

Hi Lou-Anne I received my walk-me-slip harness yesturday in the post and tried it on Rocky last night to see how he was. At first he was not too happy

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Feb 02, 2014

Managing the enthusiasm!

I have a lovely bouncy Labrador. She wiggles from nose to the tip of her tail, and when she gets excited she can be a bit of a handful. When she sees

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Feb 26, 2013

Shadow jr

Shadow Jr is a plot hound X pit bull mix . The best things about a mutt like Shadow is that they are courageous , intelligent , athletic and versatile

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Walk-Me Slip Harness will not be taking orders until further notice. Thank you for your past support & we wish you happy walking with your fourlegged loved ones.