Is Important In Cold Weather
It's The Law!

Without Adequate Dog Shelter
Proper Dog Care and Puppy Care
Requires A Dog Shelter Be Provided.
It Is Essential Dog Health Care!
Not To Mention Being Kind!
Dogs Feel The Cold Just Like We Do!

Dogs are Pack animals, in the wild, they shelter in dens packed in together, providing warmth for survival. A pet dog is dependent on it's human owner to provide suitable dog shelter. Humane Dog Health Care and Puppy Care is the human's responsiblity and the dog's right.

Shutting a dog out of your home, is, to them, like being excluded from the Pack, which, in their natural world, means death! The Pack Leader provides, not only leadership, but, dog care and dog shelter.

All dogs NEED a welcoming place in the home (their den), a place where they can feel safe and protected from the elements. A place that makes them feel a part of the family or Pack. Without this, they become anxious and can start exhibiting behavoural problems. It is an essential part of proper dog health care... physical, emotional and mental.

Dogs (or any pet) should not be left outside, in all weather conditions. There is no such thing as an 'outside' dog!

Kevin Hatman, spokesperson for the Michigan Humane Society, said; "animal cruelty reports tip the scale during the winter months.

“We’ve actually seen an extremely high number of calls this season,” he said. “When the weather drops, we do hear a lot of cruelty cases.”

The worst of those cases, he said, have resulted in his office having to pick up dead animals that had been left outside in the elements".

We commend Erin McClary for bringing attention to this horrible form of abuse and neglect and recommend you read the following article. It's about responsible 'cold weather' Dog Care, with some very disturbing facts that all dog owners need to be aware of.

dog out in the cold

Photo By... Erin McClary

Jane, a 2-year-old boxer-terrier mix, waits to be let inside her owners' home on a cold, drizzly day in January.

Short-haired dogs should only be left outside for 15 minutes at the most, when the temperature drops to 10-15 degrees, and only a few minutes when the temp drops below 0 degrees.

"Humane Society Asks Owners
To Bring Furry Friends In From The Cold"

Story By... By Erin McClary
C & G Staff Writer
Link To Dog Care Article

Just because they wear fur coats doesn’t mean dogs and cats don’t get cold.

With the bitterness of winter upon us, the Humane Society is putting out a warning to pet owners, cautioning them not to leave their four-legged friends outdoors.

In extreme cases, the elements can take a dog or cat’s life. And it’s a crime to leave pets outside for too long without adequate shelter. Depending on the nature of the offense, people could face jail time, massive fines, community service hours or combinations of the three.

According to a website called, there have been nearly a dozen convictions or alleged cases of animal neglect or cruelty reported last year in Michigan.

Kevin Hatman, spokesperson for the Michigan Humane Society, said animal cruelty reports tip the scale during the winter months.

“We’ve actually seen an extremely high number of calls this season,” he said. “When the weather drops, we do hear a lot of cruelty cases.”

The worst of those cases, he said, have resulted in his office having to pick up dead animals that had been left outside in the elements. “Those cases are being investigated for potential felonies,” said Hatman.

The Humane Society of the United States recently released a statement about the increased number of neglect and cruelty calls it’s taken over the past few months.

“The act of leaving a pet outside without food or adequate shelter often receives less attention than a violent attack against an animal, but neglect is a crime,” said Ashley Mauceri, the Humane Society of the United States’ manager of animal cruelty issues. “Especially in these cold months, it is important for people to bring their pets inside and for others to report neglected animals to law enforcement.”

Mauceri’s job is fielding the calls alleging cruelty or neglect. As far as how many reports are taken and acted upon each year, she said it’s difficult to track. But by the number of calls she gets, she said it’s clear people are starting to take notice.

“By and large, people are becoming more aware of animal issues, generally speaking,” she said. “Neglect is a hard issue to get people to pay attention to because it’s not as sexy as violent crime. But in some cases, it’s actually worse.”

Michigan has great laws protecting its pets, she said, meaning that crimes of animal neglect and cruelty are more easily prosecuted in this state.

Hatman said his office has its own cruelty investigators. Last year, his rescue and cruelty teams investigated more than 7,700 cases — not all of which were cold-weather related, he said.

“The issue is it’s not technically illegal to leave your animal outside, but they do need to have adequate food, water and shelter,” he said.

Water and food left outside can freeze, as can types of bedding once they become wet. The Michigan Humane Society provides free straw to pet owners, which dogs or cats that are outside can burrow into to find pockets of warmth.

“We strongly, strongly urge that pets live indoors year round, especially during the cold,” Hatman said. “A lot of people have the impression that dogs can stay out in the cold because they’re bred for it, but a lot of the times they can’t — especially small and short-haired dogs.”

For dogs that live outdoors year round, the Humane Society recommends owners bring them inside when the temperature drops to 10-15 degrees. For bigger dogs, it’s recommend they be brought in when the temp drops to 0.

“Cruelty investigators do have the power to seize an animal if it’s in immediate danger,” said Hatman.

For dogs that live outside, there are actually guidelines to define what an “adequate shelter” is. Laws and guidelines for pet owners in almost every state are laid out at, specifically for Michigan at The Animal Law website also defines “state of good health” and provides adequate shelter regulations specific to different regions.

In the meantime, there are easy ways to identify whether your dog is too cold. If it’s shivering, curling into a tight ball or trying to make a bed in the snow, it’s too cold and is seeking warmth. If your dog is very cold to the touch or has a pink nose, ears or paws, it’s probably too cold. lf its paws, ears or tip of the tail are turning bright red, that may be a sign of frostbite. In that case, pet owners should contact their vet immediately.

Aside from the physical effects, dogs can also suffer emotionally from being left outside for too long. In fact, Mauceri said, there are many social repercussions from doing so.

“Dogs are naturally social. In the wild, they live, eat, sleep and hunt in a pack,” she said. “It’s the same concept with domestic dogs: They want to be with us. If they’re left outside alone for too long, they could become solemn, unhappy, anxious, narcotic, withdrawn.

“It’s an all-around bad situation — emotionally, physically — there are no positive benefits from leaving a dog outside 24/7.”

The most common physical repercussion for a dog left outside is hypothermia, and shivering is the first sign. Prolonged cold-weather exposure to a dog’s nose, ears and groin area can be very painful. In bad cases of frostbite, appendages may have to be removed.

Hatman said neighbors shouldn’t fear reporting it if they notice signs of pet cruelty or neglect. Cases should be reported to local animal control or law enforcement agencies before it’s too late.

Residents noticing pet cruelty or neglect in East Detroit, Detroit, Highland Park or Hamtramck should call (313) 872-3401.

You can reach Staff Writer Erin McClary at: or at (586) 279-1118.

Dog Care Comment
From Site Owner:
Lou-ann Atkinson

Please, if you can't or are unwilling to provide humane dog care to your loving and loyal dog, then, don't have one!

Adequate Dog Shelter is a pretty basic requirement of dog health care and puppy care! Do not try and justify cruelty as... "dogs are supposed to live outside". Yes, wolves do! they live in packs and care for each other in dens, our pet dogs don't have that luxury, we have removed that from their lives.

A Siberian Husky will have different dog shelter and dog care needs than, say, a Chihauhau. We must use our brains and our hearts when we take on dog care.

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