dingo in doggie jail

by mysticcrow
(portland, oregon)

I had a friend whose dogs got locked up in the shelter for running loose.While I was waiting for her to process her dogs, I was looking around. I saw this blond dog looking very depressed. I am a sucker for a heeler and was acquainted with the breed. I thought the dog to be a red healer, which technically is true. On the door was a ticket stating the dog was going to be put down in a matter of hours. The dog appeared to know that. Of course I had to to take him home. I already had 2 other dogs....a shetland sheltie I adopted and a blue heeler I had raised. I named him Cy. Cy at first was quite antisocial with my other dogs and very guarded. It didn't take much observation to realize how abused this dog had been by someone. He is very sweet to me and will take treats from my friends but will not let anyone else pet him but me. He loves to swim in deep water, which is the only time he will chase a stick or a ball. He likes to be outside. He has a hard time riding in the car because of anxiety and he barks incessantly when in a car too long. In viewing sites on the web I discovered he is a Carolina Dingo. Very protective of me and affectionate toward me. I've had him for 6 years.

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Jan 03, 2010
'Big Cheers from another cattle dog lover'
by: Kate

I love all animals big and small ..... I have to admit, my fav, though, is the Cattle Dog!

Cy is a very lucky boy to have found you, and I truly believe they always find us. It's people like you that keep my faith afloat in the human species..

I just love a happy ending for these amazing creatures:):)

I would have loved to have seen a photo of Cy, maybe next time!

Thanks for sharing Cheers Kate:):)

Jan 03, 2010
Thank Heavens For Kind People
by: Anonymous

I love your story, there is so much love lost to us all when these special animals have to be put down.

People like you and your story make me happy,
Thank you for sharing,

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