The Plight of the Dingo Dog

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The Dingo Dog at:

The Dingo Dog, deserves to be treated with dignity

The Dingo Dog played a major role in the Australian ecosystem for thousands of years, prior to European settlement, now, they're fighting for their very existence.

What can be done to help the Australian Dingo, our Wild Dogs?

We have listed three sites, below, that have excellent programs for generating the exposure required to educate the public on the plight of this incredibly old and rare animal - the Australian Dingo.

The Wild Dog breeding programs that are being undertaken are of the highest standard,ensuring that; the Dingo Dog breed remains pure, as it has been for thousands of years.

If, like us, you feel that you could do something to help - no matter what that maybe; Please spend some time on these sites (listed below). Remember; Every little bit helps, even it is nothing more than informing yourself a little more and spreading the word, from time to time.
It really is in our power to help these most amazing creatures and if ever there was a time, it's now!

Ignorance is one of the biggest obstacles for this Pure Breed.

Educating our children with the correct information about our much maligned icon, would certainly be a great start and maybe, their future will then be a much brighter one.

"The Australian Dingo is a pure breed and should be valued with respect and protected, not viewed as a pest"

The Australian Dingo Charitable organisations listed below, are a good start in learning more about the Wild Dogs of Australia.

Western Australian Dingo Association
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To Join This Worthy Cause
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Dingo Sanctuary
ANDCS Limited,
590 Arina Road (PO Box 91)
Bargo NSW 2574,
Ph: 02 4684 1156

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See How You Can Help
The Australian Dingo
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CLICK HERE To learn more
About the History of the Dingo Dog

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Dogs Need A Voice

We use Ezine Articles as a way of giving our best mates a voice.

JOIN US, if you have an interest in writing and feel you could help our loyal friends then, we can highly recommend Ezine Articles to you.

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