Designer Dogs

Hi, I am part of a group, they call 'Designer Dogs' and they also call us 'non shedding dogs'. My name is Bella and I'm a Miniature Poodle...

I consider myself to be, the epitome of, the 'female dog' and something that I think is really cool about me, is that; I have dog fleece, instead of just plain old annoying dog hair.

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You've already heard so much about the Aussie dog breeds, such as the Cattle dog and Dingo so, it's very exciting to be able to tell you a little bit about me.

My Mum, Kate, loves all dogs, but she has always had the bigger variety, especially the Australian Cattle Dogs, definitely not, your designer dogs, like me!.

I came to live with my Mum after my first Dad, died of Cancer. I feel awful now, but I started to get aggressive with my little brother. I had spent all my time with my Dad, either, on his bed or his lap, because he was sick and then one day he didn't come home. I couldn't understand where he had gone. My old Mum asked Kate if she could take me for a while, to give my little brother a rest, she had just lost her female dog named, Kelly, leaving, just Dynamic Dave, as the last of her three dogs, luckily, she said yes!

People said that; I was one of those types of dogs that are highly strung, because, when Mum would leave me I would get upset and howl, in a very high pitch scream. I often heard people say..."it's a poodle thing", Thankfully, Mum realised that I was "just truly scared and upset, because I was unsure whether I was going to be left on my own again".

Luckily Mum told me constantly that I was "a very intelligent little girl" and that, I would learn the new rules quickly ... and you know what, I did!

I soon realised that; Mum would always come back, no matter whether it was when she left in the morning to go to work, or when she went out to ride her horses. Thank goodness she knew that; I was intelligent and would learn quickly.

Did you know that; although most people refer to my breed as a "French Poodle", where I would think the term Designer Dogs came from; we, in fact, originated from Germany around the 14th century.

It is said that the German word 'pudel' means (to splash in water), which makes sense because historically, we were used as hunting dogs, retrieving the ducks from the water. Heaven forbid, if Designer Dogs, like me, should need to go and hunt! Being a Female dog, I would, definitely, prefer the life of a circus dog, which we are also well known for. As a matter of fact, when I get excited I jump in the air and Mum calls me her little circus dog, everyone thinks it's very cute!

Mum's other love, Dynamic Dave, died in 2008 and although I miss the Big Fella, I have to say, that there's much more room on the sofa and the bed now, sorry Big Boy!

So folks, in short: When you're considering your next, 'best friend'! Why don't you give the Poodle, a thought. Apart from the fact that we have dog fleece and not hair, which is highly recommended for those humans that may suffer from allergies, we are very intelligent, easy to train and extremely adaptable. We come in a range of colours, and although I'm little, no one comes near our house without me letting everyone know about it! And I am definitely not, just, one of the Designer Dogs set! So give it some thought, you could be lucky enough to have one of the types of dogs that is; as "cute as a button", just like me!

Poodle and Newfoundland Dogs

We can come in from hunting and get ready for any fancy occasion, because we are 'Designer Dogs'. We're pretty special dogs, even have dates with the big boys...

Poodle Dog

This is another poodle, with dog fleece like me, we're very smart and can do anything we want...

I hope you've enjoyed hearing about me, I would love to hear from any other Poodles out there! all the best from "Bouncing Bella" (the circus dog)

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