Designer Dog Beds

Designer Dog Beds Are Not A Luxury
They Are Practical!

Our best friends need their own special and comfy space, meet their needs and your home will run smoothly and you'll have a calm and satisfied dog.

When a pet dog doesn't feel included in the Pack and doesn't have a place in the Den, like their own dog bed, then, you have an anxious dog! Your home is their 'Den' and you're the Pack Leader, make provision in your home with the best dog bed you can afford and you'll be rewarded ten fold.

We Love Our Pets
Sleeping Peacefully and Comfy!

We Recommend You Check Out
The Dogs Bed Website
Designer Made Dog Beds

link to the dogs bed

Have a look at a few of the beautiful dog beds offered by Paul Costanzo at The Dogs Bed. We think these are the best dog beds we've seen!

Sleep, eat, play... A good life for any dog. The Dogs is a website with the most unique dog beds in the world.

This beautiful one is the Casual Model...

Paul Costanzo says..."I've seen so many upscale homes with plain dog mattresses on the floor. I thought to myself, how much nicer it would look with a piece of custom designed furniture that complimented the room."

This is the Cotton Candy Model...

This one is the Formal Model - wouldn't it compliment your home?

The Metro Model...

The Dogs Bed also has matching, elevated food & water bowls and dog toy boxes.

You'll also find interesting information on your dog's sleeping, eating and playing needs that, we, as dog lovers, should be aware of.

Designer Dog Beds
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