Chocolate Lab Anyone?

by Shelly

What's not to LOVE?

What's not to LOVE?

My parents recently adopted a 10 week old chocolate lab and surprised the rest of the family Christmas Day. They let all the kids and grandkids name her. After much debate, we chose the name Molly Brown....3 reasons: we live in Colorado (home of the famous Molly Brown), she's brown, and if she's like most labs she will love water and be unsinkable.

So far she can do no wrong. The whole family is smitten.

My parents are in their 70's and very active but I'm sure she will give them a run for their money when she is full size and full of lab energy!

If any one has advice I would be happy to pass it on...

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Advice From Site Owner - Lou-ann Atkinson

Hey Shelly,
You're sooo right! What's not to love, one look into her face and that's it, instant love. Her coat looks like velvet, you just want to stroke it.

Best advice I could ask you to pass onto your Mom & Dad is to leash train her early. She is going to be very strong and full of life. As she matures this could present a real problem for them, if she hasn't learned to walk calmly and politely.

An out of control dog the size of a mature lab, on the end of a leash, could pull your Mom off her feet. It's a complete necessity that she gets a lot of exercise, otherwise, behavioural problems will start creeping in to her daily routine. Things like barking, chewing, destroying the garden, etc. A dog that can expend their energy is a contented dog.

It is also imperative for Molly Brown's well being that she is not jerked around by her neck and head, real damage can be caused.

To assist your Dad and Mom leash train Molly Brown please ask them to consider a Walk-Me Slip Harness. It is kind and won't hurt or damage Molly Brown while, at the same time, it will give your parents excellent control and the ability to communicate a consistent message to her, allowing her to learn easily and quickly.

Remember too, Labs don't mature until they're around 2 years old, so, expect a lot of puppy exuberance for the next couple of years. Lots of long walks are the answer... lets her use her nose! which, is just as important to a Lab (or any dog) as using their legs and muscles. It is also key to allowing her to become a calm, well socialised dog too! They should wait though, before taking her out to public parks, etc until she has completed her vaccination schedule and is protected from infection.

If, you would like some handy Leash Training Tips to help your parents, I would be happy to email them to you, just send me a message through our website Contact Us page.

There's no greater love than "Lab Love",

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Jan 16, 2011
What A Gorgeous Labrador Puppy
by: Anonymous

She is too gorgeous, I agree, what's not to love. I hope she has a long and happy life with your parents.

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