Casey the Shetland Sheepdog

by Darlene
(Colorado, USA)

Casey at 10 years old

Casey at 10 years old

Casey was our first Sheltie, after decades of owning Collies. I had heard so many good things about these little guys, my husband and I decided to check them out.

It so happened a friend of ours knew someone who had a litter for sale and we went over and took a look. We fell in love with Casey immediately and when he was of age, took him into our family.

From day one, he was a bright, happy, energetic puppy. He was so smart, he barely needed training and learned his lessons quickly.

Casey was my buddy, following me everywhere, sitting by my side and giving me support when I had a bad day. He was so intuitive, he could sense my mood from another part of the house and be right there with a concerned look that said “it will be alright” and proceed to place his head on my knee or in my hand. Looking into those big brown eyes, I knew it would be.

This hardy dog never had any medical problems and was always happy and healthy. We were fortunate to have him in our lives for 13 years.

We now own our second Sheltie, Kelsey. You can’t go wrong with these dogs. I will admit that they do need a lot of grooming and tend to be “talkative”, but the companionship and love they give is well worth the work.

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Nov 17, 2009
I know what you mean Darlene :)
by: Katie

I had a Shelty x Aussie Cattle Dog ...... and whenever I was low she was there with me, giving all the support and love that a great mate does!

I love hearing other peoples stories about their loved ones ..... it always lifts my spirits!

Thanks :):):)

Nov 16, 2009
I'm In Love!
by: Lou-ann

Thank you Darlene for Casey's story, I've never had any involvement with Sheltie's but, have to say looking into Casey's face I just fell in love.

Thank you,

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