"Barney the Beagle's" Leash Problems and Escapee Adventure

by Allie
(Alstonville NSW)

Barney In His Favourite Spot

Barney In His Favourite Spot

I am dog sitting a very cheeky, old Beagle for my landlord, who is overseas for three months and I was asked to take Barney for his daily walk, no probs I thought, this will be good for both of us, unfortunately, Barney had other ideas, he thought he was the one who'd been asked to take me for a walk!

He's not the biggest dog around but, he is incredibly strong, he was pulling me off my feet each time I attempted to take him for his walk.

His Beagle nose would immediately hit the ground and off he'd go, no thoughts of me, the exciting smells were just too much for him to ignore. I was left hanging on for grim death, yelling at him to slow down, nah! no good... he was deaf on the end of a leash, his hearing only returned when it was dinner time!

The whole walking routine started going out the window, it was just too hard, I'd get home from work tired and avoid the whole idea. Sadly for Barney this wasn't right, he needed his walk and I was feeling really guilty about not doing it.

Then, out of the blue, I was at the Lismore Markets and came across Kate and Lou-ann at the Walk-Me Slip Harness stall. After explaining my predicament they gave me a few tips and I purchased the amazing Walk-Me Slip Harness.

I raced home excited to see if it would work, admittedly though, I was thinking it wouldn't! Barney is an old dog and very set in his ways, but, what did I have to lose.

I struggled a bit putting it on him, but, once I did we headed off. Following the usage tips Kate and Lou-ann had given me I instantly saw the difference. Barney reacted straight away, I was able to correct him and he listened to the harness! Wow! it really did work.

When we got down to our local sporting oval I attached the Wander Time extension lead, put the harness into the fixed position and let Barney wander around smelling all his fascinating smells. Then, put it back into the slip position for our walk home, each time Barney tried to ignore me and rush off I'd correct him with the upward pull and release of the harness and he'd immediately listen.

For the first time, I'd taken Barney for his walk, instead of Barney taking me for a walk!

The harness gives me control the instant that I put it on him. "Thank you Walk-Me" for a wonderful product!

I've been meaning to send you in a photo of Barney wearing his Walk-Me, but, because he has been a very bad boy this week, I thought I would share my 'lost dog' story with you.

Barney's Escapee Adventure

I arrived home from work last Tuesday to find Barney gone! He has been known as a bit of an escape artist and I put it down to him being a true Beagle, he loves to dig, and when that big 'dog nose' of his goes to the ground, he just keeps going!

It was a very wet and miserable day, we'd had heaps of rain, in a pannic I ran down the route we normally take on his walks to the oval, none of the usual dog walkers were out when I got there and there was no sign of Barney anywhere.

After going door to door and checking with my neighbours, with no joy, I had to call it a night, I thought maybe he will come home when he gets hungry.

I don't mind telling you, 'I was beside myself'! I realised that I hadn't had a chance to replace his id tag, which he had lost. Apart from the fact that I was worried sick about him and his safety, Barney was my landlord's beloved dog, what would I say to him.

The next morning as I was driving to work I received a call from the local pound, somebody had recognised him, when he was being put in the rangers van. Thankfully, they contacted the pound with my details.

Yay, Barney had been found and apart from being very tired, wet and hungry he was thankfully, all in one piece. I couldn't get back in time from work to pick him up, so, a friend of mine kindly went and collected him for me and took him back to her house.

My friend took the photo here and sent it to me; I love it, Barney has taken over one of her cat's baskets, you can just see him dreaming about his little adventure "Aahhhh it's good to be in bed, anybody's bed".

So all you responsible 'dog lovers', please don't forget your pet id tags like I did. If your dog loses it, replace it immediately, it will save you a lot of grief, believe me!

Barney and I were exceptionally lucky and THANK GOD, I don't have to tell my landlord that I lost his dog.... ggrrrr

With Barney I'm sure we'll have another story to share...

Bye for now,

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Mar 04, 2010
Excellent - Great Learning Experience
by: Lou-ann Atkinson - Site Proprietor

Thanks Allie for sharing, your story really is full of excellent reminders for all of us.

My first dog, when I was only 8 yrs old, was a Beagle, named Hunter... so your story brought back memories and gave me a good chuckle.

Love Barney, even with that wicked nose!

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