Bandit the Jack Russell Terror

by Ned Ireland
(Nanaimo, BC, Canada)


Bandit is a one year old short Jack who loves people and other dogs, When we go for a walk he is fine until he sees someone or another dog, then he starts to pull like crazy while whining his head off. The new leash does not stop him from pulling, he just stands up against the pull and hops on his back legs.

The front pull harness never even slowed him down, so we thought the Walk Me Slip Harness would work after watching the videos of other dogs... no such luck. It does not seem to bother him a bit when it squeezes his body at full hard pull.

We really don't know what to do next, we tried bringing treats and rewarding him for heeling, but that goes out the window the second he sees someone, or another dog. Size does not matter to Bandit, he wants to play with them all.

Response from Lou-ann - Site Owner...

Hi Ned & Bandit,

Thank you for your feedback, we're so sorry that the Walk-Me Slip Harness, or any other training harness you've tried, hasn't given you the ability to leash train Bandit. He sounds like a real little live wire, I had a Chihauhau the same, she gave me more trouble on leash than any big dog I've had to train.

I'm not sure how old Bandit is but, maybe, if he's still very young he will settle down and pay more attention to you as he matures.

One suggestion that may help is to do more off line training work with him, to try and get him to pay attention to you, make it interesting and varied.

As in the leash training tips we sent you, try and do 'little' bits of leash training, for example, start of with just one thing you want to accomplish and as soon as there is any sign of give on his part, no matter how small, stop the session and call it a good result. Then slowly build on it from there, bit x bit.

Take Care

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