Amber and Me

by Cheryl
(Launceston, Tasmania)



My beautiful 2 month old puppy arrived at Launceston airport last October (2011). The first thing I heard was her tail thumping on her cage!

I opened the cage and lifted her out and she snuggled into me straight away - she was trembling a little - no surprise after separation from Mum and 7 brothers and sisters and a long journey all the way from country NSW.

AMBER spent her first few days snuggled up to me, playing, eating and making the mess for which puppies are so accomplished - without any training!!

Nine months later and my home and backyard have turned into a demolition zone, not to mention the many shoes, socks, thongs, remote controls, phone handsets and anything else she could find to steal, chew and bury in one of her hiding spots, she has curbed her appetite for destruction but not mischief!!

Intelligent, sociable, friendly, personality plus and oh so very cute!! ... when she decides its time for me to get out of bed ... she starts by pawing me, followed by lying on me, followed by burrowing under the doona and licking me and if all that fails she pulls the doona off me and the bed and presents me with a ball and these days her harness which she runs off to the front door with watching to ensure I am following.

When I leave the back door open for her she grabs an object she knows is off limits, looks at me as she charges past on her way to the garden. When she is unhappy with me she shakes her head and goes urrrhh ... urrrhh and lies down with her head on her paws and sighs!!

Lately when she does not get the attention she desires she sits with her back to me and her head up in the air and if I look at her and speak she turns away!!

Every thing - food, toys, balls - is hidden in holes and in the furniture and I often find a food treat buried under my pillow or doona!!

We have a daily walk of at least 5km which includes off lead time in one of the parks. We walk with a harness which has borne good results in relation to her pulling however, she gets very excited and wants to greet every dog and person we meet along the way.

The harness is ineffective in stopping her pulling and jumping up to greet people and interact with the dogs. Fortunately, 95% of people think she is gorgeous and want to pat her and know all about her (groodles are rare in Tasmania). Mostly its people stopping me to enquire about her.

Amber is a very good natured dog and would not hurt a flea ... she never bites (I can even take food out of her mouth) and when she takes food from a person she is very polite and soft mouthed. My only problem is her excitement when we go walking particularly on our way to the St Leonards off lead park which she adores and cannot wait to get to and once off her lead in the fenced confines of the park she runs and plays with the numerous dogs that are always assembled there, swims in the river and rolls in the mud, Plays dead if a friend gets too aggressive and runs and sits between my legs!!

A few days ago some of her regular friends were already congregated in the park and I had to control her with both hands on the lead until we got to the gate however, her friends came to the fence and gate to greet her and a strong tug and she pulled me over! I tripped and landed very heavily injuring my ribs, the pain from which has significanly increased the past few days.

Consequently, I am in too much pain to walk her especially as I had already slipped in the mud, fallen and injured my cocyx the previous week (not Amber's fault she was off lead at the time) and was having trouble with the pain from that.

I went to purchase a halter however, there was not one the correct size in stock, hence some web research resulted in me discovering and ordering the 'Walk-Me Slip Harness".

Amber loves the RSPCA ads on TV and sat transfixed for 45 minutes watching Marley and Me! Amber makes me laugh and is good company!!

Keep Smiling


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