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1) NOMINATE Your Shelter or Rescue Worker... This Month - Enjoy Duke's Story - your heart will just be thrilled! 2) A SMILE Just For You 3) ASK AND TELL - Sharing Stories To Help Each Other 4) DOGGIE HEALTH care links - For Your Convenience 5) JUNE 09 FREE Dog Training Tips and Ideas 6) NEW... Products - Services - Websites 7) STAY TUNED - What's Planned For The Next Issue


Email Us the details.
We'll do what we can to give them a plug and drum up some support for them. There are so many good people out there helping our abandoned dogs that we feel they need to be recognised and applauded. Even a little help goes a long way!


Meet Duke

Howlmore Animal Sanctuary
PO Box 61128
Columbia, South Carolina 29260 U.S.A

CLICK HERE TO... Visit Duke and his friends at Howlmore

DUKE'S STORY - Have a Heart
Do You Have A Home For This Very 'Special Needs' Boy? He's Fit, Healthy and Ready To Love His Own Special Person - Is That You?.

Duke is a five year old mastiff who was one of the very first residents of the sanctuary. Although blind, he learned very quickly to navigate his doggy door and explore his outside run. He loves to go walking and to have visitors. He is very good with adults and children, but he does not get along well with smaller animals, especially cats.

Duke became ill last fall, and surgery was required to remove a mass in his abdomen. Surgery was completed in December, 2008 with an amazingly rapid recovery, but it required us to postpone an ophthalmology appointment.

On January 22, 2009 the ophthalmologist informed us that Duke had very serious and advanced glaucoma in both eyes. The enormous pressure in his eyes was causing him incredible pain, like migraines. We immediately scheduled surgery for February 9, 2009 - the surgery has been a complete success and Duke is no longer in pain. The transformation in him is absolutely heart warming.

However, the cost of surgery, hospitalization and treatment in December combined with the cost of the eye surgery and follow-up care in February has been enormous. While we incur this expense gladly, we remain mindful of the needs of other Howlmore residents. We must provide treatment for all of our special needs residents.

For example, Cinnamon our Rotti mix, has had to have surgery to repair her terribly disfigured feet and legs, to enable her to walk without pain. The impact of so many medical costs in a very brief interval of time causes great concern. Will you help us provide treatment for these loving and special friends? Please contribute to this worthy cause in any way you can - every little bit really does help.

Please feel free to call USA (803-609-3888) with any questions or to set up a time to visit Duke AND his friends at the Sanctuary.

Linda and Hayden



The reason a dog has so many friends is that;
he wags his tail instead of his tongue. - Anonymous



Communication and Sharing... Is a two way street, feel free to email us with any questions you may have, we're happy to help you.

Contribute Your Feedback and Experience, No one person has 'all' the answers, (except maybe Cesar Milan), however, by sharing and offering your own experiences of what's worked and what hasn't, will be of help to others.

CLICK HERE... To Share Your Dog's Story. Fill in your comments and story in the form provided, it's really easy... you can even upload your own pics, which, we'd all love to see. We'll turn it into your own web page on



Check Out This Amazing Service...Click on Ask A Vet, then scroll down when the page opens to ask any questions you might be worrying over. The cost is nominal, starting at $15.USD. Kate and I use this service, it's fast, you're dealing with very qualified Vets and it's way cheaper than a Consultation at your local Clinic.

However, commonsense must prevail, if there's a life threatening illness or injury - just get your dog to the local Clinic urgently, don't waste precious time in these situations.

Have you thought about your dog's teeth lately? Click Here To Learn More about Teeth Problems. Did you know that dogs can suffer toothache just like we do! Can you stand the thought your dog is in pain and you don't realise it?


JUNE 2009

OUR PHILOSOPHY IS TO... "Train and Restrain Without Using Pain". Positive reinforcement yields far more long lasting results than any other training method...

WHY? because, dogs are Pack Animals and have an inherent need to please the Pack Leader - it's a basic survival instinct, get kicked out of the pack and your chances of survival aren't good. It is far more effective and productive to 'work with' the animal's basic instincts and turn them to your advantage, than to work against them!

The 1st Task For June:- Try thinking about what it means to become a trust worthy, kind, reliable and loving Pack Leader to your dog. I think you might be surprised, like I was... When you get this mindset right, most of the simple, daily problems just seem to disappear - dog training actually has to begin with ourselves... by developing a change of attitude within our own mindset.

SOUNDS EASY BUT, IT ISN'T... not at first anyway! It gets easier as your understanding grows of what your dog's basic instinctual needs and thinking are. Included in this understanding is the need for you to be familiar with the individual needs and instincts of your particular breed. There are basics that apply to each and every dog, however, these 'basics' are stronger and weaker in the various different breeds.

The 2nd Task For June:- Find a moment to have a read up on your particular breed of dog, what were they bred to do? See if you can get a picture in your mind of what's in your dog's head. Get some understanding of the driving 'natural' forces that lead your dog to behave in certain ways.

I can assure you that, your dog has already done a personality profile study on you :-)

Yes, it might have been good to do all this before welcoming a dog into your home and heart but, we're here and now, you have your dog, for better or for worse :-) and it's now up to you to accommodate his needs and work with him, to create the relationship you both desire. If, you're like us, the dog probably 'chose' you and not the other way round, so, don't beat up on yourself, work with what you have... there is no such thing as a 'bad' dog! They 'all' have more love, loyalty and devotion than you'll ever know about.

CLICK HERE... To Share Your Story. When the page opens, just fill in the form provided - it really is easy! Tell us about your dog's breed and what you've learned about this breed, what are their little ways, their challenges, their best assets. You get the picture, share and let others know about your breed of dog.

See you next month,
Lou-ann and Kate
Billy, Jiffy and Bella

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Dog-E News Issue

Apart from all the stories and new stuff, we're going to focus the Training on ... How To Be A Good Pack Leader For Your Dog - What Does It Actually Mean To Be A Pack Leader - What Does Your Dog Think Of A Pack Leader. It's really interesting!

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