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Just a quick catch up with all our Walk-Me Slip Harness users and Visitors to Dog Harness there's something happening to pet dogs and their owners that, I just have to share with you. I can't be silent any longer, the problem is becoming too big and too alarming.

As you would be aware, at Dog Harness we are passionately committed to "Restraining & Training Without Pain". We would never betray the love, trust and loyalty of man's best friend for the sake of money! We put the dog's best interests ahead of our own, it's our personal and spiritual commitment, which, we take very seriously.

Sadly, there is an alarming trend happening in the dog industry, particularly on faceless websites, where more and more, quick fix devices, designed to cause pain to train, are being offered and sold. These products are way more profitable than a standard collar and leash / harness and this is why they promote, justify and sell them... NO OTHER REASON!

These sites are very clever at justifying the use of these cruel devices, all in the name of training, offering unsuspecting dog owners a so called quick fix solution, to their dog's problem/s. Hey... what's a little pain if it fixes the problem!

The Truth Is... these cruel devices create more problems than they ever solve. They create confusion, fear, anxiety and distrust in the dog.

We've done the research and we cannot find one qualified, credible, experienced Dog / Animal Behaviourist who condones the use of these devices, in fact, quite to the contrary, they speak out against their use, yet, enmasse they are being promoted and sold all over the world.

Dog owners are being played for fools and in the process helpless, voiceless dogs are being hurt... all for a quick buck!

And, you'll be blown away when you see one big name celebrity dog trainer who not only uses such devices to get supposed quick fixes for his own sake but, does nothing to dissuade inexperienced dog owners from using them too... really, really disappointing.

There is no justifiable reason, ever, to use pain and fear to train, it is totally ineffective and breaks the bond of trust, that is critical in the relationship with your dog.

If, you wouldn't use it on yourself or your kids, then, don't put it on your dog! A simple rule of thumb that we need to stand firm on and honour.

On behalf of innocent pet dogs I'm asking you to join us and speak out against these cruel devices, whenever the opportunity arises for you to do so.

Learn more... check out what dog owners are being talked into using on their dogs. I think you'll be as amazed as I am... Initially, I thought these devices were the exception, now, they are becoming so common place that, even the most loving of dog owners are starting to accept them as 'normal', everyone uses them, don't they, must be ok! It's scary! I'm hearing it over and over again, from the most unexpected of dog owners.

There is no dog problem that doesn't have a humane solution, talk with us, two heads are better than one, we can help you with ideas, tips and suggestions that, won't cost a cent. Let your friends and family members know that; there are alternate, humane solutions to dog problems, that don't involve spending money on cruel devices.

If, we can't stand up and be a voice, for the silent suffering of innocent pet dogs, then, who can be?

Please, spread the word, forward this email onto to all the dog owners you know. Lets see if we can make it go viral :-) Lets stir the pot and see if we can make a difference and stop this tragedy unfolding any further than it already has.

Go to this link on our site and click on the Share button provided... to post on your Twitter, Facebook, etc. pages.

We Hoomans have much to answer for... but, we can also make a real difference, when we decide to!

Thank you for listening and helping, being aware is the most powerful first step in combating this awfully sad and dangerous trend.


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