2 Labradors
That pull mine and my husband's arm off!

by Rabea

We inherited 2 Labradors from a friend recently who moved overseas and walking the 2 of them with a collar and leash is a nightmare.

We keep pulling them back, they choke but still keep pulling. These 2 dogs are not used to walking on a lead. Our friend used to let them walk freely, as they listened to his voice commands. Being a smaller person, for me, I find it more difficult to handle the dogs.

The 2 dogs are also used to chasing possums, cats and magpies, which is also a pain in our bums when we walk them, especially since we walk them at night, after our working hrs. Even though birds and cats are not out in our area, there are always possums and when the dogs see 1 in a tree, they of course want to chase it and they pull quite hard on the leads as well.

We thought after having them for 3 weeks, and us choking them with the leads and collars that things might start to improve, but they haven't. Sometimes, it gets to the stage where we just prefer not to walk them! Otherwise, they are the most "lick you to death" kind of dogs. Very strong and also a few kilos overweight (thanks to our friend).

The female is already showing early signs of arthritis in her back legs/hips, but we have her on powder for that. Both labradors are nearly 7 yrs old.


Rabea you are really up against it with these two gorgeous dogs... they had respect for their previous owner and are probably missing him terribly.

Settling them into life with you will take time but, providing you give them clear leadership they will come to respect you as well.

One of the best ways to establish yourself as an effective Pack Leader is on leash... not a collar and leash though, as this just risks hurting and damaging the dog.

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Learn More about the Walk-Me Slip Harness and how it will solve your challenging leash problem with these two big dogs. It's so important you can continue to walk them safely, otherwise, without exercise other problems will start to creep in.

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