Why Use A Dog Harness?

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"We Train & Restrain Without Pain"

A Good Case For Using A Dog Harness.
These Are Alarming Facts

A Study of 400 dogs conducted in Sweden by Behaviorist, Anders Hallgren, his students and several Chiropractors found that;

63% of the dogs examined had neck and spinal injuries.

78% of the dogs with aggression or over activity problems had neck and spinal injuries.

And, of the dogs with neck injuries, 91% experienced hard jerks on a collar and leash and / or strained against their leashes.

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The Alarming Facts
Found In The Hallgren Study

The aim of Dog Harness Solutions is to put you back in control by answering your questions and providing solutions to your dog problems. While, at the same time, protecting your dog from pain and potential long term damage from the use of unkind and unnecessary dog equipment.

"When We Know Better We Do Better"

Maybe You Find Your Dog Difficult To Take Out For A Walk OR Maybe You Would Just Like A More Humane Walking Harness. Either way, we're hopeful you'll find our site informative and interesting.

Not Dog WalkingIf, you do have dog walking problems, PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP, There's a better solution than this!

Exercise is good for both of you!

Dog Exercise combined with some handy Dog Training Tips can easily solve most, if not all, your dog problems. We promise! A dog whose energy has been expended is a contented, happy dog!

We all owe it to our best mates to do the right thing by them - they rely on us as they don't have a voice of their own. It's not necessary, in fact, it's counter productive, to use a harness or dog equipment of any kind that causes them pain and or physical damage. You have pain free, humane options available that are more effective.

You'll Be Amazed...
At How Quick and Simple It Really Can Be!

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A dog harness is only one part of the solution but, choosing the right one is critical to your success. Many of the most commonly experienced dog problems can be eliminated when a dog receives adequate exercise. We definitely have experienced the benefits in our own homes of employing a good dog exercise routine.

That all being said, when you have dog/s who are difficult to control the fun is gone and, the motivation to get out there walking is gone. We can change that for you, we've proven it and we have developed the right dog harness to put you back in control while at the same time

"Training and Restraining Your Dog Without Pain".

Thank You Walk-Me

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YES, dog walking should be fun and YES, dog exercise is good for both of you and YES, the right dog equipment is critical but, there are also a lot of little "mind set" things you'll find in our dog training tips that will make life a lot easier as well. There is nothing worse than dealing with dog problems that you just don't understand and that, you just don't seem to have an answer for.

We all love our dogs however, most of us don't have the time or inclination to become professional dog trainers, as many sites dealing with this subject would have us believe. We just want a peaceful, happy and loving relationship with our family pet.

Dog Harness Solutions, if you'll take a minute to have a look around our site, can genuinely help you and your dog. All the information we present to you is PROVEN from hard earned experience by "non professional" dog loving people, just like you.

Dynamic Dave
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Dave's Story

Dynamic Dave

We Offer Busy Dog Owners
Simple Solutions and Help
With Their Everyday Dog Problems!

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Dog Herbs Can Be A Useful Option For Treating Dog Itching and Other Ailments
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Free Dog Training is as easy as signing up for our Dog-E News ezine, monthly to your inbox, keeping dog lovers up to date with the latest hot doggie stuff.
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Dog Care Is Important In Cold Weather - It's The Law...
Proper Dog Care Is Required In Extreme Temps, a dog shelter is vital for dog health care and puppy care.
The Purebred Shih Tzu dogs are also known as the 'Lion Dog'
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Walk-Me Slip Harness will not be taking orders until further notice. Thank you for your past support & we wish you happy walking with your four legged loved ones. 🐕

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